5 Critical Daily Actions: How To Increase The Probability Of Making Your First $100k Online

99% of the actions you feel compelled to do will be a waste of time.

Only 1% will produce the fruits you desire.

It’s important to zero in on the 1% of actions that are required to make your first $100k and stretch them out…

… until you can fill up your entire working day with these critical few actions.


Yes, but what exactly are these actions?

Here they are:

1. Mind Work

The world will try to tell you that you’re one thing (version 1.0), but deep down you know you’re another (version 2.0).

It’s important that you remind yourself daily of the vision, who you truly are, why you’re doing this, and the character traits you want to develop.

In order to apply this, build a Mindset Folder and review it daily (you can steal my templates for free at www.mindskool.com) Not passively, but actively. Suspend all belief. It’s not required. Simply trust the process and know that if you plug your senses into what you want, it will become your reality in due time. Entertain nothing, but what you want.

Eliminate all media consumption that runs contrary.

Limit time with people that make you feel otherwise.

Moreover, it’ll greatly help if you can cut out momentum killing habits like drinking alcohol.

Now, I’m not one to give advice that I didn’t follow myself because between me and you I made my first $100k while partying like a degenerate, but still… If I’m tasked with stacking as many chips as possible in your favor, I would recommend you abstain from alcohol because it will kill your momentum and crush your effectiveness.

The occasional hangover every now and then can be a net positive for clarity’s sake, but drinking every week? Not worth it.

You’re just making the journey harder for yourself.

There will be plenty of time to celebrate later.

Now we work.

2. High ROI Skill Acquisition

Next up, you want to spend time every single day honing a high ROI skill (focus one core skill and add another complementary one after 3-6 months).

This is going to be the tool you apply towards a high ROI opportunity in order to produce the fruits you desire ($100k).

With that stated, you need to be good.

In order to motivate yourself to get good, here is the overall benchmark for what ‘good’ gets you.

If you’re good at a high ROI skill (copy, sales, media buying, whatever), you should be making at a bare minimum $200k/year.

If you’re not making that, then you’re not good (yet).

This is a good thing. It means there’s room on the table to grow, so make this your mindset: “I’m going to get good at x and being good at x is measured by being able to make $200k with x. Until I’m making that, I’m not good and will continue to practice and hone my chops.”

Congratulations. Now making $100k or $200k is no longer out of your control, but directly in your control.

Want to make $100k? Get good at 1-2 high ROI skills.

How do you get good? By actively putting in the reps daily.

If you go into copy: Read a piece of winning copy a day. Analyze a piece of winning copy a day. Write a piece of copy a day.

If you go into sales: Do 100 sales calls. Record yourself and replay the recordings and analyze what you did right. What you did wrong. Better yet, send the recording to someone more qualified than you and pay them to rip it to shreds.

Make the effort to get good.

It will pay dividends. Not only to clear your first $100k, but all the money to come. So, such is the second critical action. You must spend time daily getting good.

Moving on…

3. Making Offers & Converting

After you’ve started getting your mind right and putting in the reps to get good, it’s important to choose one opportunity vehicle that allows you to leverage your skill stack in the real world to make high quality offers and convert prospects.

It doesn’t really matter what you choose (obviously choose something that aligns with your strengths and character traits).

Everything works if you work.

Important part is to work.

How do you work?

By crafting an offer (for whatever biz model you choose – freelance, agency, info, ecom, whatever) and devoting the heart of your work day to generating leads, booking sales calls, and closing deals (if you go service based) or writing ads, running tests, and making tweaks until you get one funnel to convert/work (if you go eCom).

Nothing more. Nothing less.

This is how you’re going to make your first $100k. It’s not going to happen by working on what you feel like working on. It’s not going to happen by writing platitudes. It’s not going to happen by wishing and hoping.

It’s going to happen through sales and marketing.

If you’re not engaged in the sales process daily, then you’re not going to be making any money. Simple as that. So such is where the heart of your work hours should go.

After that, we got two more daily actions to get through.

4. Fulfillment & Refinement

Once you start honing your high ROI skills, you’ll become good enough to use your skill stack to sell your offer.

If you cannot sell it, you’re not good enough at your skill (yet).

A copywriter who cannot get clients is not really good at copy (yet). A sales person that cannot convince someone to close for them is not really a closer (yet). A ghostwriter that cannot grow their own account to 10k followers is not really a ghostwriter (yet).

It’s all within your control.

Anyhow, that’s beside the point for this step. This step is all about doing your absolute best at fulfilling whatever you promised to your client. Doesn’t matter if it’s service based or product based – make it your mission to deliver exceptional products.

This means you want to be constantly taking in customer feedback, improving the offer, and focusing on generating as many success stories as possible.

The ‘PROOF ELEMENT’ is the greatest piece of ‘marketing’ you can accumulate and it all comes down to fulfillment, so fulfill on your promises.

Don’t sell someone and move onto the next one. Sell and fulfill (exceptionally) until you cannot sell and fulfill (exceptionally) on your own. In most cases, you’ll be able to sell and fulfill (exceptionally) to reach $100k, so don’t BS yourself and create problems that don’t exist for you.

99% of the time (in the early days): It’s not a bandwidth issue. It’s a lack of time management issue or simply you’re not putting in the work issue.

Last step…

5. Coach Yourself

Tracking your progress is everything, so you want to create a new journal and use it to document your journey to $100k.

Make an entry at the end of the day (no matter how small – shorter the better so you can stay consistent) with what you did that day, what you’re working on, what’s going right, what’s not working, what you want to improve, how you want to improve it, so on and so forth.

Again, this need not be long. Keep it short and focus on picking out just 1 ‘micro’ thing daily you can improve on.

Example: “Today I had a sales call scheduled at 8am, but I woke up at 730 am and was rushing to my computer and felt scattered. Tomorrow I also have a sales call at 8am, but I’m going to get up at 7am to give myself enough time to truly ease into the day and get into the right state of mind.”

Nothing more. Nothing less. Small tweaks.

Don’t focus on grandiose changes. Focus on changing at the micro level and over the course of time you’ll have produced massive macro changes. So that’s all there is to it.

If you do the above 5 action steps daily (2-6 hours) and consistently (no half assing), then it honestly becomes VERY difficult to NOT crack into the 100k club.

And that’s the best place to be: We want to get to a place where NOT making 100k is HARDER than making 100k. (The above 5 action steps are designed to do just that.)

So apply away and lmk how it goes?

Thanks for reading.

Your friend,


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