How To Raise Your Level Of Consciousness 

If you want to raise your consciousness, all you have to do is: 

Embody the light and meet the darkness inside you with compassion. 

More you meet darkness with light, the more you liberate yourself out of heaviness (shame, guilt, apathy) and into lighter states of consciousness (peace, love, joy).

Question now becomes… 

How do you embody the light and what exactly does it mean to meet the darkness inside you with compassion? 

I don’t know, but the darkness inside you includes all the parts that you usually shun, dim down, keep hidden, or think aren’t appropriate to expose or let out.
In other words, it’s all the parts of yourself that you keep in the shadows. 

These parts may be angry, frustrated, afraid, alone, traumatized, grieving, sad, confused, stuck, guilty, shameful, bad and full of heartache. 

With that stated, what we normally do (to no fault of our own) is “split off” from these parts and put on a mask to go through our daily routines and fulfill our obligations. 


We’re only in touch with our mask (personality).

Not our repressed self (unconscious). 

Issue with this is we may end up ‘fooling’ the world, but we can never fool ourselves. 

No matter what our mask achieves, no matter how much wealth our mask accumulates, no matter what lifestyle our mask actualizes… 

We cannot fully enjoy it because we’re still being run by the repressed self (from the shadows) that makes us feel like shit (on some level).

(This is the real reason why rich/successful people can gain the world, but still feel miserable, sad, unsatisfied at the end. Nothing to do with the money or success like everyone thinks. Everything to do with their repressed self.)

At this point… 

We have two choices: 

We can either continue to ignore the repressed self and double down by adopting the mask of positivity and try to out think, out feel, out act our repressed self. Or we can stop running from ourselves and open the door to the shadows and bring our repressed self back into the light. 

What you choose is ultimately up to you, but from my own experience what I discovered was:

The former approach isn’t really real, but an ‘artificial’ way to actualize higher states of consciousness and whenever life gets difficult or we stop manipulating our behavior, we typically fall back to our repressed selves (because it’s still there in the shadows. More we ignore it, the more powerful it actually becomes). 

The latter approach, on the other hand, is real and by shining light on the darkness, you actually liberate yourself and a higher state of consciousness becomes your new default (without any effort to maintain it). 

The difference is night and day. 

With the former approach, you try to be a loving person (while deep down inside you feel full of hatred and murderous rage).

With the latter approach, you become love itself (and color everything you touch with it). 

With the former approach, you try to become more free (while deep down inside you feel alienated, stuck, and imprisoned).

With the latter approach, you become freedom itself (and experience a melting away of boundaries). 

With the former approach, you try to become more peaceful (while deep down inside you feel chaotic, fearful, and full of worry).

With the latter approach, you become peace itself (and every fiber of your being is radiating with an ‘All Is Well’ ness). 

With the former approach, you try to become more joyful (while deep down inside you feel miserable and depressed). 

With the latter approach, you become joy itself (and experience yourself as a radiating sun). 

Question now becomes… 

If you want to experience this for yourself and not just watch videos about it, then how exactly can you use the latter approach?

And the answer brings us back to our original point:
Embody the light and meet the darkness inside you with compassion. 

This is all it takes, but it can be difficult because the first step is to be sincere with yourself by admitting: I don’t actually have it all together. I try to act like I have it all together. I try to put on a brave face to get through the day. I try to fool the world (and usually succeed).

But if I’m sincere, I don’t have it all together. 

I am actually a mess. 

Believe it or not, but those words are actually the beginning of a life of freedom, liberation, and higher states of consciousness. 

And the reason why is simple… 

All your life you try to act like the repressed part(s) of yourself aren’t there so you never acknowledge them. By never acknowledging them, they continue to run you which in return keeps you imprisoned. So by admitting to yourself that you don’t have it all together and you’re actually a mess on some level, you are starting to shine light on your unconscious aka repressed self. 

This is beautiful. 

But at this time, it’s important to note the following: 

If you admit to yourself that you’re a mess and then you start “judging” all the parts that make up your repressed self (aka judging yourself for your darkness) or viewing yourself as a victim, then two things are likely to happen: 

1) You’re going to fall deeper into darkness and become a bigger mess (this is where depression and things of that nature ensue.) 

2) Your repressed self is going to respond to the ‘judgments’ by shutting down and going deeper underground (in an attempt to hide from you). 

What this ultimately achieves is the opposite of what we want. 

Instead of liberating yourself and becoming more alive, expansive, open, expanded, and full of life… 

You take the repressed parts of yourself to be the truth of who you are, so you either become more depressed and sad (losing all the color that is inherent to the video game of life).


You judge yourself so harshly for your darkness that it goes underground and continues to run you on autopilot from the shadows. 

Both scenarios are NOT what we want. 

This is why it’s important to not judge yourself for your darkness or to even take it to be the truth of who you are (because it isn’t)… 

BUT to embody the light and meet the darkness inside you with compassion. 

This, after all, is what “heals” the darkness and eliminates it from your consciousness (falsehood cannot survive in the presence of truth) – allowing you to experience what is inherent to your true nature which is: 

Love, joy, ecstasy, bliss, freedom, creativity, openness, strength, confidence, peace, steadfastness, and divinity. 

SO with all that noted…

How exactly do you embody the light? 

By adopting a caring, loving, gentle, open, and curious presence (think about how a really loving mother or father who cares deeply about her/his child looks at him or her). 

What helps me the most personally speaking is… 

Sensing my arms and legs, feeling my feet on the floor, breathing into my belly and viewing myself in the same way I would view a friend:

With a friend, you don’t judge or lash out or make them feel like shit whenever they expose something vulnerable. 

Instead, you’re present, caring, open, and there for them as you ask questions that help them express what they normally feel they can never express to another human being.

Believe it or not, but what your repressed self craves the most is for you to treat it in the same way that you treat your friend. 

By doing so, you not only embody the light, but you also start to meet the darkness inside you with compassion. 

What this ultimately does is it
opens up the darkness (which is exactly what is needed in order for you to actualize higher states of consciousness). 

In short: 

Judgments shut down your repressed self. 

Compassion opens up your repressed self.

Similar to a child… if the parents are judging and demeaning and cruel to a child for feeling negative emotions, the child will shut down and hide. If the parents are curious, compassionate, and caring, the child will relax and reveal his/her hurt – allowing for healing to take place.

Once the darkness opens, all that was previously hidden from you will start to appear in your conscious awareness once again (this can be intense at times, but all is well). 

If there was hurt hidden in your unconscious, tears may naturally start to fall from your eyes. 

If there was fear hidden in your unconscious, your body may naturally start to shake uncontrollably. 

If there was murderous rage hidden in your unconscious, you may start experiencing hot lava like energy flow through your body. 

If there was shame hidden in your unconscious, you may start feeling dark spots all throughout your interior. 

If there was grief hidden in your unconscious, you may find yourself sobbing relentlessly. 

And so on and so forth. 

At this point, it’s important more than ever to embody the light and feel your feelings with compassion. 

Personally speaking: 

What works best for me is sensing my arms and legs, feeling my feet on the floor, breathing into the belly, and feeling whatever is arising without judgment: 

If it’s murderous rage, I feel the murderous rage.

If it’s anger, I feel the anger.

If it’s frustration, I feel the frustration.

If it’s hatred, I feel the hatred. 

If it’s pain, I feel the pain. 

(Important note is to not get lost in the feelings to the point that they are all that you’re in touch with and you start to act them out in your life, but to embody presence/light and feel the feelings from the here and now while being in a safe place).

The more you feel (to feel means to be with what is without judgment), the more liberated you become of the repressed self until there is not as much rage, anger, frustration, hatred, pain, guilt, shame, fear to feel. 

Once this occurs (and it can happen within seconds, minutes, days, weeks, or months), your consciousness becomes ‘cleaned’ of the repressed parts and gives rise back to its true state aka factory settings which is:

  • Loving
  • Joyful
  • Compassionate
  • Present
  • Strong
  • Confident
  • Capable 
  • Peaceful 
  • Free 
  • Expanded
  • Liberated
  • Open 
  • Fearless 
  • Creative

This, in return, naturally leads to a higher state of consciousness (because a higher state is actually your birthright/you in your true form).

So that is the way and what it actually takes. 

You achieve higher states of consciousness not by turning your back on the darkness, but by facing the darkness with light. 

Once you do and you restore yourself back to factory settings by feeling all the stuff that has accumulated throughout the decades, you don’t have to force yourself to be positive (like all of self help is telling you to do). 

You’re just positive by default because your true nature is all good. 


With that noted, here are the questions you can begin to ask yourself to liberate yourself: 

  • What am I afraid to feel?
  • What do I always judge myself for feeling?
  • What am I ashamed to admit? 
  • What do I feel guilty for? 
  • What am I protecting and never want to see the light of day?

All these are heavy hitting questions, so it’s important to be gentle, but hidden inside these questions is all the hurt, fear, heartache, pain, suffering, guilt and turmoil we normally spend our entire life running away from. 

By asking ourselves the above, we can start running towards all the above and in return liberate ourselves from their wrath:

Resulting in a life of openness, freedom, and liberation. 

Thanks for reading!

Your friend,


P.S. To be fearless is to be ok with whatever arises. Engaging the above process makes you fearless by default. Regardless of what happens, you are training yourself to meet it with presence. This ‘skill’ transfers over to the entirety of your life and you realize all fear is really just rooted in the fear of not wanting to feel x. More you start to feel x with presence, the more fearless you naturally become because you realize: It’s not so bad and “all is well even when it feels like it isn’t.”

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