How I Make My Dreams Come True

My dreams made me sick in the head…

But they didn’t come true.

They burned a hole in my heart…

But they didn’t come true.

They filled me with anxiety…

But they didn’t come true.

Until I discovered ONE weird phenomenon that changed everything (sleazy marketer voice)”. Lol nah I’m just fucking with you.

But not really.

What I discovered was why my dreams (and probably) yours don’t come true and the simple tweak you can make to change that.

Not change temporarily, but permanently. The type of change that delivers the mother of all mindfucks and completely alters the way you play the game of life.

But more on that in just a bit…

First, why don’t dreams come true?

Dreams don’t come true for the same reason the loser doesn’t bag the hottest girl in school who he desires so deeply.

Dreams don’t come true for the same reason a newbie copywriter full of anxiety and nerves struggles to land a top-tier client.

Dreams don’t come true for the same reason an obese person desiring to lose weight never seems to lose any.

In other words…

Dreams don’t come true due to clinginess…

When you cling onto a dream, you attach significance to it.

And rightfully so, it’s your dream right? Why wouldn’t you attach importance to it? We’ve been taught to attach importance to our dreams and goals from the jump. It’s been conditioned into us.

But is this really the way?

I think not and here’s why…

When you cling to your dream and attach value to it, you tend to do something unconsciously that makes it very unlikely that you’ll achieve your dream (and if you do achieve it, you’ll have to go through a lot of unnecessary turmoil and frustration to make it happen).

What do you do?

You put it on a pedestal that creates distance between you and your dream. By definition, what you put on a pedestal, you put above you. Once placed above you, it creates distance in the mind.

Life is one big mental game (the faster you realize this, the faster you’ll experience the life you want).

When you put your dreams on a pedestal, you automatically slip into making the #1 mistake that most people make that prevents them from ever experiencing their dream…

You falsely assume that in order to achieve your dream you must chase it.

And it’s not your fault…

It’s what you’ve been taught after all…

Since grade school… all you’ve heard… and been told by well intentioned teachers, parents, heck even yourself is…

“Chase your dreams! Never give up. Never stop running. Keep chasing!”

But I think it’s all BS.

And the reason why is…

Because if you study quantum physics, spirituality, the true nature of reality, and see through the illusion of time, you’ll quickly realize…

Chasing a dream almost always guarantees that you’ll never experience the dream because:

#1) You are fixated on chasing, not experiencing. When you chase a dream, what you *think* you’re doing is starting from point A (where you are), chasing your dream over days/week/months/life (time), then eventually getting to point Z (where your dream resides).

But that’s a lie. There is no time.

Which means there’s no past or future. Only the Now.

If all you’re doing is chasing in the now, then you’ll forever remain behind your dream and in lack of it because the Now is all there is. External circumstances will change to make it seem like things are changing, but since your mental focal point is fixated on chasing in the now, that’s all you’ll ever be doing. Your dream will always be ahead of you. And you’ll always be behind. Running after it and chasing it with all your heart, but never getting it.


#2) What you chase will always elude you. You know this already. It’s the reason the girl you want doesn’t want you. It’s the reason you don’t want the girl that wants you.

When you cling to your dreams and attach significance to them and put them above you on a pedestal, you involuntarily put yourself on a hamster wheel where you’re always running after your dream, but never getting it because you’ve programmed yourself to view the dream above you (and yourself to be less than and always in pursuit of it).

Your value: 1

Dreams value: 10000

So you run after the dream…

But never get it because in no world does 1 = 10000.

Nor will it ever. No matter how hard you chase the dream.

And lastly…

#3) When you chase, you are reminding yourself you ‘lack’ what you’re chasing which fills you with anxiety and stress and delivers more of what you’re focused on: lack & anxiety/stress.

And I know you’ve felt this before…

I know you’ve chased dreams… gave it your all… grew sick with anxiety and frustration, but never experienced them.

Yet I also know you’ve experienced other dreams maybe in sports, maybe in school, maybe in business, maybe with girls…

That came almost effortlessly?

That you didn’t chase, but materialized before you.

That didn’t fill you with anxiety and frustration, but awe and wonder?

Sure you put in effort and work and discipline, but the process seemed different and the results came easier – right?

Why is this?

Have you ever asked yourself?

If you have, you now know why. Or at least one half of the why.

What you put on a pedestal and chase will always remain on a pedestal and you in pursuit of it (heck this is why most people don’t even have the balls to chase their dreams because they’ve put their dreams on too high of a pedestal, but that’s beside the point).


In no world does:

1 = 10,000.

(The loser doesn’t get the hot girl because he’s viewing himself to be 1 and the girl at 10,000. The copywriter doesn’t land the top tier client because he’s viewing himself at 1 and the client at 10,000. Understood? Pedestals and attaching significance to your dream automatically raises the value of the dream in relation to yourself which prevents you from getting it).

So how do you buck the trend?

How do you remove conditioning and start experiencing dreams instead of wasting your life ‘chasing’ dreams?

All you have to do is two simple things:

#1) You have to bring your dream back to eye-level. Right now you are always looking up at your dreams, not looking at them in the eye. And that’s because the dreams you are chasing have a mental value of 10,000. And you have a mental value of 1. You have to make the values equal to each other (otherwise your dreams will remain dreams).

How do you do this? There’s two ways of doing this. You can either spend your entire life trying to raise your value to match 10,000 (what society programs you to do) – but that’s unlikely to work because even if you get to 10,000 – you’ll probably unconsciously raise the value of your dream even higher because it’s what you’ve been conditioned to do.


You can ‘lower’ the significance you attach to your dream and bring it’s value back to 1. How do you do this?

By viewing your dream not with importance, but indifference. You’re fine and happy if you experience it. You’re fine and happy if you don’t experience it.

Hard to do – you say?

It’s not a surprise why because…

Society is designed to keep one miserable and always in pursuit of carrots (dreams) because that’s how they control you and keep you doing shit you hate until you die (dreams of BIG money, girls, travel, exotic whips, corner offices, private jets, raises, millions of dollars, love etc. – is all designed to control you by making you value these things so you chase after em like a hungry dog. That’s how they control you and keep you in mental chains. When you say I’m good with or without these things, the chains disappear because the chains were mental all along, not physical.) When you stop giving a fuck about getting the carrot, society realizes it has no control over you and drops the carrot. Leaving you free to pick it up.

Same thing goes for dreams (as you can now start to tell).

When you attach significance to the dream, you’re always chasing the carrot. When you say “ah, I’m good with or without the carrot” the pull the carrot has over you ceases to control you (remember: life is all one big mental game and everything is happening inside the Mind – even what you think is ‘physical’).

And the carrot loses its ‘mental’ value…

Which drops it from having a value of 10,000

To 1.

Now your carrot (dream) is at eye-level.

This is the first step, my friend. It’s required. It may seem like you’re giving up on your dreams, but you’re doing anything but. Ironically mentally giving up your dreams and viewing them with indifference is the fastest way to actually experience your dreams AS LONG AS you do what I suggest in point #2.

#2) Stop chasing your dream and start living your dream – Most people have been taught to wish and believe in their dream. But these aren’t conducive for success because they keep you chasing the dream (it’s no wonder society always tells you “you just gotta believe” – it keeps you in chase mode. And them in control. Not what we want).

Since time is an illusion and the Now is all there is, we don’t want to chase the dream or wish or believe in the dream. That will forever keep us trapped.

What we want to do is live in a state of knowing.

A state of knowing is the state you enter when you already ‘know’ beyond a shadow of a doubt that what you want is already yours and you already have it. Know you already have the millions, the fly girl, the fancy whips, whatever your dream is, know and live in it.

But don’t just do it mentally (this is the mistake many make).

This isn’t something where you tell yourself “I know I have a million dollars” and then fuck off and start watching random YouTube Videos.


This state of knowing is more so a state of being that you stay in 24 fucking 7 (i.e. think Kobe Bryant level of focus/obsession/intensity).

It’s when every fiber of your being is SO engulfed in your dream that every thought, word, and ACTION you take is 100% in alignment with the dream (as if you were living it out already in the here and now) and there’s NO room for anything else that isn’t in alignment.

This is what it means to “live the dream” (there’s a talk Kobe gave at his retirement speech I believe where he talks about how waking up at 5, putting in the long hours, giving it his all, watching nonstop game footage, etc. was him ‘living the dream’).

It’s when you achieve this state and do it from a place of indifference that you start to magically bring to life the craziest of dreams my friend.

And the funny part is…

1) It happens almost effortlessly because there’s no force (force comes from chasing dreams). There’s only a usage of power here (power comes from aligning your thoughts, words, actions with what you seek and viewing it as already done with zero doubt).

2) You see references to this all throughout mainstream media, but nobody ever talks about it directly.

There are videos up on YouTube of Will Smith talking about “When I want something, it’s already done. In my mind, it’s over. No doubt. Time just has to catch up.” (paraphrased).

There’s lines in Warren Buffet’s biography talking about how he always “knew” he was going to be filthy rich from an early age and lived and worked from that state throughout his teens until ‘time’ caught up and he became rich.

There are stories of Steve Job’s and how he used his ‘Reality Distortion Field’ to make whatever he wanted happen.

There’s stories of Kobe Bryant & Muhammad Ali telling people “I know I’m the greatest basketball player/boxer to ever do it” before anybody ever recognized their talents.

There’s stories of Mike Tyson’s trainer conditioning him to “know” he was the baddest motherfucker alive and train, box, eat, sleep, fuck, speak from that state of knowing…

The examples are endless and out there if you have the eyes to see…

But when it comes to uplifting you, society “lowers” your mental value through media and tells you to “chase your dream” so they can forever keep you on the hamster wheel.

They condition you to view yourself as less than your dream, so you put it on a pedestal and always remain in pursuit. No amount of money, girls, success, achievement is worth more than you. They try to make you feel less than so you spend your life chasing and satisfying everybody else’s dream besides your own. Fuck that and everybody trying to keep you trapped and on the hamster wheel.

Get off the hamster wheel. Lose the importance you associate with your dream. Get into a state of knowing. And live, breathe, eat, sleep, WORK from this state and view your dream as if it’s already done…

Because you know what?

It already is.

Maybe not in this dimension (yet). But in another, much more powerful one.

But I’ll save that “craziness” for another email.

Your friend,


P.S. People always make fun of Kanye West every time he goes on rants and starts saying “wild” shit like “I have a billion dollar company. I’m the greatest artist of our time. I’m Steve Jobs. I’m Walt Disney. I’m the greatest fashion designer to ever do it. I’m going to drop a gospel album. I’m the modern day Einstein. I’m going to create a school. I’m going to change the world through product.” And they all view him as ‘crazy’ and laugh.

But this is just Kanye living in a state of knowing (my guy knows some shit)…

And if you watch his old clips (from decades and years ago) you’ll notice something very interesting about Kanye..

EVERYTHING he said has come to fruition.

Ask yourself why?

And more importantly ask yourself:

Who programmed YOU to LEAVE your very own state of knowing? As kids, we live in this state naturally. But as we grow up, we get conditioned to leave. Who benefits from you leaving this state (society)? Who loses from you leaving this state (you)? Ah shitttttttttt. The jig is up. It’s no wonder you’ve fallen out of love with life. No wonder you’ve grown miserable and frustrated. No wonder you feel stuck and alone. Change that, my friend. Lose the programming. Find your inner child again and come alive. You owe it to yourself to live the dream.

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