Reverse Hypnosis: What It Is, How It Works, Best Practices For Undoing The Spells You’re Under & Wiping Your Mental Operating System Clean

The next time you’re having dinner with a good friend and want to mind f*ck them a little, ask them:

“Do you think you’re hypnotized right now?” 

And watch them look back at you like: 

“Bro, what the F are you talking about? Of course, I’m not hypnotized right now.”

And then ask them:

“Well, how do you know?” 

And then watch them squirm in their seat as they struggle to come up with a logical response:

“Um, I’m not hypnotized right now because I’m aware and conscious of what is happening and it’s my own doing.” 

And then lean back in your chair and say: 

“But how do you know it’s your own doing?” 

And then get ready to receive the look every ‘character’ dishes out when they know you’re onto something, but don’t want to proceed any further because it threatens (and would completely untangle) the fixed view of reality they spend so much energy upholding. 


And then kindly let them off the hook and change the topic: 

“Ha, I’m just F’ing with you bro. Of course, you’re not hypnotized right now… Anyhow, who’s playing on Monday night football this week?”

And then go back to life as usual (while their facial expression relaxes and returns back to la-la land).


The point of all the above?

Besides coming across as socially autistic lol, I don’t really have a point. I just needed a cool lead to present my initial hypothesis which we’ll be exploring throughout this newsletter and proving to be 100% true (beyond a shadow of a doubt).

What’s the hypothesis?
You are hypnotized right now (and you don’t even know it).

That’s the “bad” news (I’ll explain why shortly). 

The good news? You can “reverse” this hypnosis and open yourself up to a quality of life that you couldn’t even imagine in your wildest of dreams. 

How’s that for a hook? 

“Like more woowoo BS!”
you say. 

And rightfully so… because you’re SO hypnotized right now that you’re still under the impression that you’re NOT hypnotized (LOL). 

So let’s first prove that… and get that out the way, so we can spend the rest of the newsletter on reversing the hypnosis and wiping your mental operating system clean (which creates room for new adventures and BIG wins). 


Let’s go, but first two quick things:

1/ Friendly disclaimer
– The more we get into exploring ‘out there’ topics like these, the more of a threat they can pose to your current worldview and what you take to be the truth of reality. As a result, this can lead to challenges for many people who suffer from mental instability. So if you’re prone to any type of mental illness, I send you my love and recommend skipping this newsletter altogether. 

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With that covered, let’s get into this week’s free flow.

What Does It Mean To Be Hypnotized? 

I don’t know. I’m just a writer writing ‘wacky’ articles on the internet. So I punched in ‘hypnosis meaning’ on Google and here’s what popped up: 

“The induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction.” 

With that understood, I can use that definition to make my initial hypothesis clearer by saying: 

You are currently under a state of hypnosis in which you have lost the power of voluntary action and have fallen victim to suggestion that is designed to advance the agenda of those who hypnotized you (at the expense of your own).

Again, this is the “bad” news. 

But, how can we prove this?

Not directly (because that would challenge your fixed ego structures too much), but indirectly. 

So let’s do that now… 

Examples Of Hypnosis (In The Real World)

For just a minute, do me a favor and completely forget all about the possibility that you may be hypnotized right now. 

Instead, ask yourself: “What are examples of hypnosis in the real world?” 

Upon asking yourself this question (and using our above definition), your mind will probably conjure up the following examples: 

  • Suicide bomber who loses the power of voluntary action and becomes hypnotized to commit acts of terror…
  • Cult member who loses the power of voluntary action and becomes hypnotized to carry out the aims of the cult (leading to destruction and chaos)… 
  • Drug addict who loses the power of voluntary action and becomes hypnotized to get his fix at any expense (even if it means completely destroying himself and his life in the process)… 

And that’s all fine and well. 

The mind typically plays to the extremes, but now bring it back to more practical, every day land and ask yourself: 

Is the person who wakes up every morning to rush through breakfast, sit in rush hour traffic, do soul crushing work, and repeat for 40+ years while making his boss rich in the process (as his dreams and aspirations fall to the wayside) hypnotized? 

What about the little girl who gets told by her mother that she’s “stupid” or “shy” or “talentless” or “too big for her bridges” and grows up to filter the entire world and all future opportunities through this lens… is she hypnotized? 

What about the son of immigrant parents that gets told from an early age that the only respectable career path is to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer and thus grows up to become one of those professionals… is he hypnotized? 

What about the avid news watcher that’s constantly being bombarded with stories of violence, rage, and terror and thus takes that to be the truth of the world… is she hypnotized? 

What about the average money tweeter who makes a little money and spends it all on Lambos, Rolexes, and flights to Miami/Dubai… is he hypnotized?

What about the average social media girl who starts getting lip injections, surgeries, and make up done to look more and more like a Kardashian… is she hypnotized? 

Maybe. Maybe not.

But with the above scenarios in mind, it’s obvious that hypnosis doesn’t just impact people on a macro ‘extreme’ level… 

… but on an every day, micro level, too. 

As a result, to be hypnotized is to ultimately: 

Lose touch with the present moment (immediacy) and to have a ‘program’ installed inside you (either consciously or unconsciously) which you then take to be your ‘idea’ and carry out in your everyday life (for good or bad). 

Nothing less. Nothing more.

The BIG problem with all this? 

Not only are most programs installed inside you ‘destructive’ and designed to create a shitty, mediocre, cookie cutter existence (instead of a unique, authentic life). 

But the loss of the ‘present’ moment is no small matter for it leads to you losing touch with the Player that you truly are and now you’re no longer equipped to play your character for the greatest good of all (instead your hypnotized character runs you on autopilot because there’s no longer any ‘in-touch-ness’ with the Conscious Player). 

This (IMO) is why 90% of the world ends up: 

Poor, obese, depressed, divorced, diabetic, stressed, and spiritually dead.

And why the other 9% ends up: 

Rich, but on their third marriage. 

Rich, but addicted to drugs and alcohol. 

Rich, but their kids don’t even know who they are. 


Awake, but poor.

Awake, but engaged in sexual scandals. 

Awake, but lost in a guru complex. 

All due to hypnosis. 

Only 1% of people who aren’t hypnotized?

Babies who are just now taking their first breath (may you live a blessed life).

Elderly people who are just now taking their last breath (may your transition be easy).

And rare individuals somewhere in the middle who have woken up inside the dream of life (may you laugh with God).

I don’t know where you fall on this spectrum, but I’m still hypnotized with ‘unconscious’ spells that were cast on me by well intentioned parents, caretakers, teachers and not so well intentioned societal structures and institutions. 

As a result, I’ve been joyfully working for the last 3+ years to reverse the hypnosis, so I can wake up back to the present moment and consciously create the life experiences that are in the greatest good for all. 

Question now becomes:

“How the F do you do that?”

And that’s what brings us to: “Reverse Hypnosis: What it is, how it works, best practices for undoing the spells you’re under and wiping your mental operating system clean.” 

So let’s cover all that now.

Reverse Hypnosis: What Is It? 

If we take hypnosis to mean the following:

Lose touch with the present moment (immediacy) and to have a ‘program’ installed inside you (either consciously or unconsciously) which you then take to be your ‘idea’ and carry out in your everyday life (for good or bad). 

Then to reverse the hypnosis means to:

Get back in touch with the present moment (immediacy) and delete the installed ‘program’ so you can consciously play your character, giving rise to an authentic life (that is true to you). 

Nothing less. Nothing more. 

Question now becomes… 

How Does Reverse Hypnosis Work? 

And it’s a good question. 

To answer that, I’m going to invite you to do a little “work” here, so you can solidify the insight for yourself. 

With that noted, take a moment to imagine you’re in a scenario where you’re dealing with an individual who is hypnotized and disconnected from reality. 

How would you reverse this person’s hypnosis? 

Truly think about it. 

This person before you is in a trance with their eyes closed… seeing things that aren’t there… taking actions that are completely incongruent to the needs of the moment… and experiencing so much suffering, fear, pain, and agony as a result (even though the situation itself does not warrant this, so it’s entirely self induced). 

How would you reverse this person’s hypnosis?

(Imagine the person is ‘aware’ enough to want to be helped and is willing to do what you say and poses no threat to you).

Well chances are… one of the first things you would do to break this individual free from the spell/hypnosis is to say something simple like: “Hey…” 

The reason you say this? 

You want to know if they can even hear you. If they can hear you, then they stand a chance of breaking out of the hypnotic trance. But if they cannot hear you, then they are in too deep and completely disconnected from reality. 

For the sake of our exploration, the hypnosis most people (including myself) are under isn’t that extreme (otherwise we wouldn’t be able to function in life). 

So let’s assume the person can hear you. They’re still experiencing a hypnotic trance with all sorts of disempowering visuals, beliefs, stories, and traumas – giving rise to suffering, pain, agony, and fear. But they can still hear you. 


Now what would you do next?

Well, chances are you would tell the individual to take a deep breath and to feel their feet on the floor. 

Question is, why would this be the next logical step?

Reason why is because the individual is experiencing a mind made ‘program’ that he is taking to be the truth of reality which, in return, is disconnecting him from the present moment (immediacy) and further strengthening his belief in the validity of the program, resulting in all the consequences (fear, suffering, agony, misery, chaos). 

By telling him to take a deep breath and feel his feet on the floor, you start to take a part of his attention away from the ‘program’ and bring it back to the ‘present’ moment. (For the breath and feeling your feet on the floor can only exist Now). 

This, in return, starts to ‘weaken’ the power of the spell because now the person is no longer 80% hypnotized. 

Instead, they’re more like 60% hypnotized (I’m just making up these numbers for the purpose of illustration).

Now what?

Well, the next thing you would invite them to do is to gently open their eyes and to look around them (while breathing & feeling their feet on the floor). 

Why is this the next best move? 

Simply because you want to ‘contrast’ what the individual thinks is happening (the program) with what is actually happening (the reality/immediacy/present).

The more he does this while breathing and feeling his feet on the floor (very important – otherwise they won’t be able to take in what’s happening now), the more ‘grounded’ he becomes in what is actually happening now (in contrast to what his mind is telling him).

This contrast, in return, further breaks the power of the ‘spell’ and brings it down to about 30%. 

And it’s easy to understand why. 

Let’s say you’re walking down the beautiful pier and you see a beautiful girl you’d like to say hi to, but then instantly you get put into an hypnotic state that makes you feel like a very young child that feels hopeless, afraid, traumatized, scared, and shaking in his boots at the threat of punishment. 

But instead of going along with this mental program, you take a deep breath, feel your feet on the floor, and open your eyes to what is all around you.

What will happen?

Chances are you’ll look at your hands and realize these aren’t the hands of a child, but an adult. Moreover, you’re no longer in your parents’ home (like the mind program was making you believe). But standing on the beach, overlooking a beautiful view with a pretty girl that you’d like to say hi to. 

This ‘contrast’ will further break you out of that spell (because your experience of the present moment (beautiful beach) is deeper/more real than the hypnotic program (unconsciously taking yourself to be a child that’s still living in his parents home), so you become more grounded in what’s happening now and less pulled by what you imagine to be happening now).

With that noted, what’s the next step?

The next step is to get the individual to recognize for himself the difference between present moment reality and hypnotic mind programs that were installed in him. 

You can do this by asking: 

“When you notice your breath and feel your feet on the floor and you look all around you, what do you notice?” 

This question, will in return, get them more acquainted with reality for the act of describing what’s happening now invites more of your consciousness/attention to focus on what’s happening now (freeing it up from being focused on the hypnotic mind programs). 

Maybe to this, they’d respond with:

“The more I breathe and feel my feet on the floor and look at all the beauty around me, the more I notice that reality is nothing like the picture my mind has been painting. It’s so much more beautiful, freer, and loving!”

Then you’d ask: 

“How does this recognition impact you?” 

This, in return, will solidify the recognition and allow it to land in their consciousness, resulting in answers of:

“AH! I can finally breathe and feel safe and take it easy (nothing is as serious as my mind is making it out to be) and be free to live my life instead of fighting invisible ghosts all day!”

And with that…

You would slowly, but surely reverse their hypnosis (this process would be gradual, but we’ve sped it up for the sake of illustration) for you met them where they were and you gracefully brought them back to reality where they can do away with the mental programs and live authentically in accordance with the unfolding moment before them. 

So with all that noted, you’re probably wondering: 

“Sounds great, but what’s the reason for sharing all this? In other words, how is it relevant for me?” 

And the answer is simple: 

It’s relevant because it’s exactly what’s happening to you.

In other words: 

You’re hypnotized right now with certain mind made programs that are causing you NOT to see what actually is (the freshness, the possibility, the joy, the awe, the love, the wonder of the precious moment before you), but what the hypnosis has programmed you to see (the difficulty, the terror, the fear, the suffering, the threats, the judgments, the resistance). 

This, in return, is leading to the majority of the suffering, pain, agony, frustration, and performance issues you may be experiencing. 

So the question now becomes… 

What Are The Best Practices For Undoing The Spells You’re Under And Wiping Your Mental Operating System Clean? 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been programmed with hypnotic beliefs that make you feel like shit such as: 

“You’re stupid!”

“You’re dumb!”

“You’re ugly!”

“You’re useless!”

“You’re pathetic!” 

“You’re no good!” 

“You’re lazy!”

Or hypnotic programs that makes you color your life journey with heaviness and dread such as:

“Don’t you know 9/10 businesses fail?” 

“Business building is hard and difficult”

“Nothing good ever happens for me.” 

Or whatever else is clogging your view of reality and making you see/experience realities that don’t actually exist. 

The solution for undoing the spells you’re under and wiping your mental operating system remains the same. 

And is composed of three daily practices.

Here they are:

#1) Presence Practice 

This is the most important practice because without this practice, you remain in the world of hypnosis. Taking what your mind has been programmed to see as the truth of your experience and the ultimate truth of reality. 

We don’t want that. 

So just like we did in the hypothetical example by making the person under hypnosis get back in touch with the present moment through breathing and feeling their feet on the floor, we want to do the same in our own life. 

This is what brings up the presence practice and the main purpose of it is to get you out of the mind… 

… and back into the body. 

So throughout the day, you want to practice being present to yourself and your surroundings. 

Feel your feet on the floor. 

Feel your breath go in and out. 

Feel the contact your hands make with the objects you touch. 

Feel your body from the inside out. 

(On a moment-by-moment basis)

In addition, it’s useful to: 

Carve out daily meditation and aimless nature time. 

Both these actions will allow you to get in touch with the present moment aka the immediacy. 

(This alone will reduce the severity of the spells you’re under and why taking a walk in nature or meditating makes you feel good because you’re no longer in a state of hypnosis). 

Next practice is… 

#2) Contrast Practice 

After you employ the presence practice and you start becoming more present to yourself and your immediate environment, you’ll quickly notice something interesting: 

What’s happening in the immediacy is quite different from what your mind is telling you is happening. 

You could be on a podcast, for example, and what’s happening is you’re in a conversation with the podcast host. But what your mind is telling you is happening is the podcast host is judging you and questioning why on earth he invited you onto his podcast. 

The former is what’s actually happening. 

The latter is what the hypnotic program is making you believe (because you may have an unconscious spell running from early childhood that makes you believe you’re unintelligent and everything you say is wrong). 

In these situations, you simply want to notice the ‘contrast’ between reality and hypnotic mental programs. 

Truly see the difference as clearly as possible (it can be helpful to ask yourself: “What’s actually happening now?” and “What is my mind telling me is happening?”).

Then move onto the third practice… 

#3) Reality Practice 

After you’ve contrasted what is with your hypnotic mind program, the next step is to choose reality (instead of your mind). 

You do this by simply: 

Paying more attention to reality (immediate environment) and giving less attention to your mind (and what it’s saying). 

(One way of doing this is by listing out 5-10 things that are currently happening now such as I feel the sound of my breath, I hear the sound of birds chirping, I feel myself seated on the chair, and so on and so forth. This will anchor your consciousness and ground you back into what is.)

What this will ultimately lead to is the collection of new ‘evidence’ which conflicts with your hypnotic mind program and shatters these spells altogether (with time). 

Back to our podcast example: 

Let’s say instead of listening to the mind program that tells you that you’re unintelligent and the podcast host is judging you endlessly and questioning why he invited you on (and taking on that reality/experience), you cease giving that attention and devote more of your attention to the podcast host and the conversation unfolding before you. 

Then at the end, he tells you: “Bro that was one of the best conversations I’ve ever had on the pod!” 

Now this ‘evidence’ will ‘conflict’ with your mind made program and you’ll start to realize: 

“Ah maybe what the hypnotized mind is telling me actually isn’t the truth about myself and reality at all!”

This, in return, will give you more courage to choose reality instead of the hypnotized mind the next time. The more you do, the more liberated you will become and the more awesome life will get as a result. 

And this, my friend, is the beginning of freedom. 

Not only from the disempowering mind programs, but from the entire conditioned view of reality that was coded into you as a very young child tells you that you were born, you have experiences, and you die. 

Question then becomes:

Now What, Tej?

Once you’ve turned the presence, contrast, and reality practice into a daily (moment-by-moment) habit, you’ll have started to reverse the hypnosis. 

And open yourself back up to the magic of the present moment and the life before you that is begging to be lived. 

So at this point, you have two options (aka two ‘orientations’ you can choose for living life). 

1) Unfold with reality as it’s unfolding (dissolve the character into the immediacy) – This is ultimately the best option for creating and experiencing the greatest adventure known to man. 

Read “The Surrender Experiment” by Michael Singer for a practical description of what this life ultimately leads to. 

But, most people (including myself)…

Either don’t fully understand what it means to surrender (surrender is not something you do) or quite frankly don’t have the balls to fully surrender.  

As a result, you can also play with the second option… 

2) Cast empowering spells for the character from the seat of the Player – Just like you can cast a spell on a young child by telling him he’s stupid and he’ll never amount to much and have him grow up to experience that reality, you can do the reverse too. Aka cast positive spells (white magic). 

This is what ended up happening with me: When I was a young kid, my mom got my ‘life trajectory’ read by some wise guru and he said: “Your son is blessed and will make money out of dirt!” In other words, he’ll turn nothing into something with the midas touch. And I remember my mom telling me that in such a way that I believed it and it turned into a positive hypnotic mind program that actually gave rise to that reality/experience. 

But the cool thing about empowering spells is you don’t need anybody from the outside to tell you x, you can also “placebo” yourself from the inside out and experience that reality (you see this with world class businesspeople, athletes, and artists all the time. Kanye West, Mike Tyson, Kobe Bryant, Steve Jobs are all great examples). 

Do this through casting intentions, active visualization, and living in Delusion Land (which I’ll write a detailed guide on in the future). 

But a quick word of advice:

There is a subtle danger in way two which is you may lose yourself in the positive spells to the point that you become disconnected from the present moment all over again (which is the source of all goodness/point of life).

This is what happened to me: I spent my entire life making money and bringing my ideal life to reality (in accordance with my mind programs) that when I had a near death experience and became reacquainted with the beauty of Presence/immediacy, I was left with the terror of having been disconnected from it for so long and thus having missed out on the entire point of life (oops!). 

So this is why I recommend maintaining Player Consciousness and viewing life as a video game instead of getting so wrapped up in the story/circumstances of your character.

This IMO is how you maintain connection with Presence (as the Player) while also bringing to life the biggest and baddest of intentions for the character.  

So that’s all there is to it, my friend!

Hopefully by now you not only see how you’re currently hypnotized (if you live your regular life without feeling connected to the present moment, then that should show you just how deep the hypnosis runs), but know how to free yourself to enjoy life at a level most never get the opportunity to experience. 

For life is really heaven on earth, but the hypnotic spells turn it into a living hell.

Delete the mind viruses and become free, my friend.

Thanks for reading!

Your friend, 


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