The Gary Halbert Homage Issue

If somebody helped me on my journey whether directly or indirectly, I try to always give them homage. 

Whether they’re living or “dead”. 

One of the guys that originally inspired me to get into the world of direct response was none other than the Prince of Print, so I owe pretty much everything in my bank account to Gary.

With that noted… 

I wanted to do two things inside today’s email. 

First is to pay homage to Gary and the second is to give you a test drive of the Tej Dosa Letter so you can see if you vibe with it (without having to pay me a $1). 

On that note… 

We’re going to knock out both objectives with one swing by sharing with you Issue #47 of the Tej Dosa Letter for absolutely free. 

Inside this issue, I share pretty much everything I learned from Gary that helped me immensely on my copywriting and direct response business building journey. 

Maybe it’ll help you too? 

And maybe in the process you’ll fall in love with the Tej Dosa Letter like so many others have throughout the years and subscribe to the digital ($7/mo) or print ($14/mo) issue?

I don’t know. 

But here you go: 

Issue #47 – The Gary Halbert Homage Issue

Enjoy, my good friend! 

And if after you’re done reading, you want more… then hit this link to subscribe to the TDL and/or this link to order the back-issues. 

That’s all for me today. 

Hope all is well with you!

Your friend, 


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