“Top Of The World Or Bottom Of The Ocean, F The Middle!” (How To Use BIG Ideas To Save Your Life)

What’s up, my friend?

It’s been a minute (or 2 months to be exact) since I last fired a fresh newsletter your way. 

And that’s largely because:

I’ve spent the last 60+ days traveling, partying, advising, podcasting, restructuring, building, networking, laughing and walking.

I might tell you all about that in a future email. I might not. But as of right now I just want to say it feels good to be back. 

So hello! 

(Hope you’ve been well.)

Inside this newsletter, I want to get the good times rolling again by sharing how you can use the power inherent in BIG IDEAS to save your life.

I know that’s a big claim, but by the end of this newsletter you’ll realize that unlike 99% of promises out there it’s not an empty claim.

So on that note, let’s get flowin’

When a man hits rock bottom, the only way back up is to invest every fibre of his being into creating and believing in a BIG IDEA. This idea will often pull him out of the depths of hell (blame, self pity, judgment) and back into the light of heaven (action, discipline, momentum) in due time. 

I know because I’ve willed many big ideas into life that saved my personal and professional life throughout the years.

From 75 Hard to Clean Your Inner World to the 90 Day Execution Plan (for client attraction) to 5 Ads A Day For 3 Summers to writing 500+ words/day for 900 days.

But as great as those ideas were, they didn’t compare to the original idea I cooked up when I was a young teenager with eyes full of ambition, but pockets full of lint and no bright prospects. 

What was the idea? 


I don’t know where it came from.

I don’t know when it first made love to my brain. 

I don’t know why it always stuck with me.

(Life is funny like that.)

But throughout the days and nights… it emerged… captured my consciousness and lit a fire underneath me that took me BOTH to the top of the world *AND* to the bottom of the ocean (be careful what you wish for!).

And when I reached the bottom of the ocean, I learned something quite interesting about human nature. 

What did I learn?

When a man *truly* hits rock bottom, no longer do the same bells and whistles work for him. 

In other words:

He loses all hope… 

He loses all belief in himself… 

He loses all connection with his personal destiny… 

This, in return, often turns him into a shadow of a shadow of the man that he once was as he withers into the pits of sorrow and agony.

Again, I’ve been there and chances are you have too. 

If so, then you know that no matter what anybody tells you, no matter what you know to be true deep down inside, no matter how much you force yourself to be a man of your word and get moving… 

You just can’t. 

There’s an invisible force that has overtaken the steering wheel of your life and it wants nothing more, but to isolate you from the world and color everything you see with your pain. 


If so, then you’ll also know that a lot of people (maybe even you at different points in your life) get stuck here and actually never make it out.

But some people do. 

Question then becomes… 

What allows certain people to get out of this state whereas other people never seem to quite leave this state? 

And that’s a good question. 

My answer aka hypothesis? 

(That I’ll hopefully prove throughout this newsletter…)


“Huh?!” You say. “Marketing? How on earth can marketing take somebody out of the sunken place and put them back on their feet?”

And I get why you’d think that. 

But for just a minute… 

Let that objection sit there and entertain the possibility that this could be true. Now with this openness in mind, allow me to build on this initial hypothesis by sharing with you why marketing may just be the key to saving yourself when the going gets tough. 

In order to do that, we must slightly pivot and take the focus away from you and put it temporarily onto a boat full of people.

So imagine now that this group of people is stranded at sea, drowning in hunger, and on the brink of losing all hope. 

Now ask yourself: 

What would save this group of people?

Would positive thinking save this group of people? No (it may help alleviate some of their pain, but it won’t save them). 

Would practicing good habits save this group of people? No (it may distract them from the upcoming doom, but it won’t save them). 

Would taking matters into their own hands and trying to swim their way back to shore save this group of people? No (the distance is far too extreme and the body will eventually give out). 

Question then becomes… 

What will actually save this group of people?

And the obvious answer is: 

Something outside themselves (i.e. a rescue team). 

Until this arises, they will remain stranded at sea. 

Following thus far?

“Yes, but what does this have to do with marketing and somebody who has hit rock bottom?” 

On the surface, nothing. 

But on a deeper level, everything. 

And that’s because if you think about it… 

Marketing (I’m including the creation and consumption of offers in this definition) is really nothing more than taking people from their before state (drowning in pain, stranded at sea) to their after state (safe on shore, happy to be alive). 

And a person who has hit rock bottom? Well, that person is in a very similar state as somebody who is stranded at sea. In other words, he is tired, hopeless, down and out with zero self belief.

Only thing that can save him is something outside himself. 

This, in return, is what sets the stage for marketing to work its magic (and it’s why before the world sells you, they usually first depress you). 

And if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. 

For example, let’s say you’re entering a market with high levels of market sophistication. These targets are people who have tried everything and anything, but haven’t been able to generate the results they seek. They’re still suffering from the same problem that is making their life a miserable hell. And they’re on the brink of losing all hope. 

In order to effectively market to these individuals, you cannot just present your offer and the benefits and features and call it a day.


These people are far too past that because the real problem you have to solve is the problem of belief. 

In other words: The higher the level of market sophistication, the lower the level of belief the market has in their ability to actually generate the big promise they seek because they have a track record of failure. 

So if you’re to actually save these people, then you have to do it by cooking up elements that are a ‘rescue team’ in disguise. 

Meaning, the rescue team is so good that it will save you even if you cannot save yourself (any more). 

If you can communicate this through marketing, then you turn back on the force of belief and channel it towards buying your offer (because this is the only sliver of hope the market has left!).

Question then becomes… 

How do you communicate this through marketing?

And the answer is simple: 

Through the cultivation of marketing elements aka:

  • A new USP that the market hasn’t heard before
  • A BIG IDEA that gives the market new hope
  • A BIG PROBLEM that shows you understand the direness of the situation the market finds themselves in
  • A BIG PROMISE that shows the light on the other side of the tunnel
  • And overwhelming PROOF that makes the USP extremely believable at delivering on the BIG PROMISE (the higher the sophistication, the more proof is needed)


If you can do that (it takes real skill, but you can use 6 Figure Promotions to learn how to do this), then you will be able to get even the most hopeless person (who has given up on himself) to muster up enough hope to believe in your elements and get on the rescue raft (because people find it easier to believe in things outside themselves than inside themselves when the going gets tough). 


If you’re a marketer or a producer or an entrepreneur, then you’re probably nodding your head in agreement because you do this all the time. 

Through the creation of your content, ads, funnels, and emails… you’re constantly inventing and communicating new ideas that give old markets new hope aka something new to sink their teeth into. 

More effectively you do this, the more money you make. 

We all know this. 

But what we may not know is… 

The true power inherent in your skill set. 

Meaning, it’s true that you can save even the most hopeless of targets and invoke enough belief via marketing to take action on your product, but have you ever thought to do the same for yourself? 

In other words:

When you hit rock bottom and none of the usual bells and whistles do it for you, can you do for yourself what you do for the market on a daily basis? 

More specifically:

Can you leverage the power of marketing that you use to save the world to save yourself? 

If you can, then you’ll very quickly get out of the sunken place.

If you cannot, then you’ll remain in the sunken place. 

It’s really as simple as that. 

Question now becomes… 

How do you turn the power of marketing inwards and use it to rescue yourself when nothing else quite does the trick? 

I don’t know, but here’s how I’ve gone about it in the past:

Step #1) Define your target – In this case, the target is you (you’re not saving the market, but yourself). So look in the mirror, take a good look into those eyes, and snap a photo of yourself in your raw state. 

Post it here: _______________. 

Step #2) Define your current situation (hell) – Now define and jot down your current situation. How you feel. How hopeless everything seems. How broken you feel. How angry, unmotivated, and dire the situation truly is. Don’t hold anything back. Just let it rip, my friend.

Step #3) Define your desired situation (heaven) – Now define and jot down your desired situation. You can either think back to a time when you felt your absolute best. When you were movin’ and groovin’. When you had the midas touch. When you were living in flow and in sync with reality. And jot that down. 

Or you can ask yourself: What do I want my situation to actually be like? If I could snap my fingers and transport myself into another reality, what reality would I transport myself into? 

Make this less about the ‘externals’. More about the ‘internals’ (how you’re feeling and living and interacting with this reality). 

Now you know who you are, where you are, and where you want to be. 

At this point you need to recognize that:

You won’t be able to save yourself (if you’ve truly hit rock bottom because your level of self belief is very low). 

Your friends won’t be able to save you (because chances are they’re only going to tell you more of what you already know to be true, but what carries no weight when you’re down and out).

Your knowledge won’t be able to save you (because the feelings you’re experiencing will overpower what you know to be true and dim its effectiveness). 

So the only way out is through marketing. 

In other words:

When a man hits rock bottom, the only way back up is to invest every fibre of his being into creating and believing in a BIG IDEA. This idea will often pull him out of the depths of hell (blame, self pity, judgment) and back into the light of heaven (action, discipline, momentum) in due time. 

So now it’s time to find the big idea that is going to save your life.

Step #4) Create or find a proven BIG IDEA that you can believe in (which will create the bridge that takes you from hell to heaven) – This is the most important step for it’s actually the rescue team (in disguise) that pulls you out of hell and back into heaven. So, how do you do it? If you’re brand new to this game, then I highly recommend that you do not create a BIG IDEA, but instead you FIND a ‘duration-based’ BIG IDEA that has a LOT of proof backing it up. 

This is important because when you’re down and out, you need something to believe in. Something to latch your teeth into. Something that gets you off your ass and back into the arena. More proof a big idea has, the easier it is for your brain to produce the feelings of hope and belief. 

Note: Even if you lack self belief, you can always muster big-idea-belief (remember it’s easier to believe in something outside yourself than it is to believe in yourself when you’re down and out).

So find (or create) that big idea and make it duration based (if possible). 

Examples of BIG IDEAS:

  • I Love Myself Practice – By Kamal Ravikant. 
  • 60 Minute Meditation Challenge – By Naval 
  • RUN30FOR30 – 30 minute run for 30 days. 
  • Deep Work University – See last edition of the TDL for more on this.
  • 75 HARD – Andy Friscella’s mental toughness challenge. 
  • Clean Your Inner World – 45 day protocol. 
  • 90 Day Execution Plan – 1 to 3 pieces of juicy outreach/daily.
  • 100 reps of X – Podcast, YouTube video, Newsletter, whatever. 

Get the point? 

The idea itself doesn’t matter so much as the belief it generates inside you. 

So the more down and out you are, the more you want to choose a big idea that has boatloads of proof behind it (plus is easy to do). This will make it easier for your entire being to get behind and put the last few drops of hope left into, so you can walk the bridge from hell to heaven. 

Once you do this, then it’s time for the last step. 

Step #5) Turn off your brain and surrender your fate to the BIG IDEA aka the rescue team that you found Now you need to essentially give up on yourself and give into the big idea. This sounds extreme, but essentially what this means is the big idea is what’s going to do the heavy lifting for you (instead of yourself), so you want to pour all your belief, energy, ammo (whatever you can muster up) towards executing on the big idea. Day in and day out.

Think of nothing else, but the big idea. 

Worry about nothing else, but the big idea. 

Aim for nothing else, but the big idea. 

Only mission for the day is to take action on the big idea (however that looks… even if it’s messy AF) for each day is essentially building a part of the bridge that takes you from hell (blame, self pity, judgment) to heaven (action, discipline, momentum). 

And by building that bridge, you walk that bridge…

Out of darkness and back into the light. 

And that’s all there is to it, my friend. 

By doing the above… 

You turn the power of marketing inward and you do for yourself what you do for targets on a daily basis:

Move from hell (current situation) to heaven (desired situation). 

Throughout this video game of life and all the highs and lows life (and business) brings, I’ve done this time and time again. 

And chances are you have to, but maybe you didn’t see it as clearly. 

So with all that now noted…  

If you’re down and out… 

Then maybe just maybe give this a go? 

Or keep this in your back pocket for when the journey of life gets bumpy.

For one big idea is all it takes to transform your (and your customers) life forever.  


That’s all for me today.

I must say… it felt so good to write to you. 

Thanks for being here.

Your friend, 


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