A Normal Life Is Boring (How To Live In Delusion Land)

When I was a teenager, I would throw on headphones, close my eyes, and go wherever the music took me. 

One day I hit play on a song by Eminem. Inside I heard a line that entered my consciousness, made love to the very fabric of my being, and gave birth to a completely new trajectory.

What was the line? 

“A normal life is boring.” 

Prior to this, a normal life was all I knew because it was all I saw. 

But the more I lost myself in “lose yourself” by Eminem and recited those lyrics, the more I started to get in touch with a place inside me that
wasn’t normal. 

It was unconditional, larger than life, and full of possibilities. 

The more time I spent in this deeper place, the more ambitious, bold, and zestful my life became. 

Not only that, but I also started to experience fuel in the way of confidence and intuition to apply towards the actualization of those dreams. 

Now it was no longer a matter of “if” I would be able to seize a life that I previously thought was only for a rare few. 

It was already done.
All I had to do was continue to live my life while being rooted in this deeper place that exists beyond the conditioning of normal life. 

This, my friend, was the beginning of Delusion Land.

Since then, I’ve become very
intimate with this inner place and have used it to continuously bend reality to my will. 

On the flip side, I’ve also used it to stomach the lowest of lows in the way of heartbreak, losing loved ones to murders, and “tricky” situations where it quite literally felt like it was me against the world and the only chance I had of making it through was by staying true.

Without Delusion Land, my face would have wrinkles, my hair would be gray or gone, and my life would be in shambles. 

But it’s not. It’s the complete opposite. 

That’s because: 

With Delusion Land, I’ve been able to keep the zest for life alive and channel that towards creating the life I desire in every area that matters regardless of what odds I went up against. 

So with that noted, I thought I’d use this deep dive to help you get back in touch with the place that already exists inside you.
A place where you laugh at the odds and live so aesthetically well that death will tremble to take you. 

On that note, here’s what you can expect:

  1. What is a normal life & why is it boring?
  2. What is Delusion Land & why/when is it needed?
  3. How to quantum shift into Delusion Land
  4. Guidelines & practical application (for staying in DL)
  5. Personal examples from my own life

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Alright, let’s get going. 

What Is A Normal Life?

In University, my grades were not determined by my individual scores, but where I fell on the bell curve (in relation to others). 

In short: The professor would assign a B or C to the class average (varied for each class/professor). 

If you fell higher than the average, you would get a higher grade (B+ or A+) even if you didn’t necessarily score in the high 90s (to actually warrant a A+)

If you fell lower than the average, you would get a lower grade than whatever class average was set. 

So if the class average was 60% (B) and you scored 86%, then you’d probably get an A+ in the class. 

On the other hand:

If the class average was 85% (B) and you scored 60%, then you’d probably fail the class. 

With that noted… 

All the benefits came from “beating” the class average.

This was the one and only singular objective. 

And a lot of my friends and peers hated this system, but personally I loved it because whereas previously:

You would’ve had to study your face off to get an A+. 

Now you could just beat the class average by 15-20 points and score an A+.  

In other words:

You could achieve the desired result with less effort (if you had your shit together. Opposite was true if you were a slacker).

Not only that, but I loved it because whereas the majority of the stuff I learned in school was not directly applicable to the real world, the bell curve
was because: The vast majority will fall in the middle of the curve (in all realms of life). And this, in return, will give rise to an “average” life consisting of:

  • Average grades
  • Average $$$
  • Average happiness levels
  • Average success levels
  • Average lifestyle 
  • Average marriages
  • Average careers
  • Average life expectancy 
  • Average results 
  • Average experiences 
  • Average growth 

And between me and you?

I couldn’t stand that because falling in the middle was in many ways worse than falling below the middle because you’d just end up thinking the same thoughts, using the same words, taking the same actions, and experiencing the same life that has already been lived millions of times before (at least if you fell below the middle you’d experience a unique life). 

And just the thought of this? 

Was boring AF and quite depressing to me. 

I mean, just think about it… 

Not even on some motivational shit, but on some real ish.

One life?

One shot?

One chance to show this
character a good time?

And you’re going to go for a cookie-cutter life that has already been lived an infinite amount of times before?

Yeah. No. 

Personally speaking (especially at that age): I’d rather die than live like that. 

So I always kept the bell curve in mind.

Not just in school. 

But for whatever I was doing… 

When I got into online biz/copy/direct response, for example, I knew that the vast majority of people would fall in the middle. 


They would read a few copy books and choose a relatively “easy” road such as email marketing and make a few thousand dollars a month (if that) and move onto the next shiny object.

And only a few would: 

Pick the hard road and crack the code to writing high converting long-form campaigns. 

When I got into Tweetering, for example, I knew that the vast majority of people would fall in the middle. 


They would show up on Twitter, start pumping out tweets, and become another agency, copy, sales clone (aka fall in the middle). 

And only a few would: 

Be unique and stay consistent long enough to create a worldwide epic network & launch life changing businesses.

When I got into spirituality, for example, I knew that the vast majority of people would fall in the middle. 


They would meditate 20 minutes a day and bring a little bit more presence, love, joy, and peace to their daily life (treating spirituality like just another ‘area’ of their life). 

And only a few would: 

Go all the way and open up to infinite freedom. 

The difference between the people who’d fall in the middle in comparison to the people who’d fall in the upper echelon was literally night and day. 

The former would experience: 

A mediocre existence. 

The latter would experience: 

The best life has to offer. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m like 50: 

“I want the finer things in life, so I hustle.”

With that noted, my life goals shifted from landing here (which is what I had been programmed to pursue. You know make a couple six figures a year as an Accountant or Investment Banker, get a nice looking wife, move to the suburbs, pump out a couple of kids lol, and call it a life):

And moved towards landing here in the areas/buckets that were deemed most important to me (which is the intention my heart came precoded with prior to taking this birth. You know to put a dent in the Universe in the best way possible and to have an absolute blast throughout it all): 


And this, in return, was the start of Delusion Land. 

So with that noted… 

What Is Delusion Land & Why Is It Needed?

The moment you look at the bell curve of life (regardless of area) and decide you no longer want to live in the middle or even the upper middle, but at the very top of the curve… you’ve officially begun your descent out of normalcy land and began your ascent into Delusion Land

This is the case because:

All of society is designed to glue you to the middle. 

I mean, just think about it… 

Everything they teach you. 

Every piece of advice they give you. 

Every action they encourage you to take. 

Is designed to NOT get you here: 

But to prevent you from landing here:

So you can, in return, become a “valuable” member of society and call the “middle” your home (this is why you should ignore all advice that society gives you).  

As a result: 

The game plan of society is not designed to help you win BIG, but to prevent you from LOSING big. 

And not out of some grand conspiracy either… 

But simply because if you have a society of 331.9 million (population of US for example), the society will function better as a whole with a normal distribution.

Rather than an “extreme” distribution.

With the former, you get more lawyers, doctors, electricians, trades workers, cleaners, plumbers, fast food workers, bank tellers, accountants, engineers, and so on and so forth (very valuable professions that society needs people to pursue in order to function well). 

With the latter, you get more homeless people (that the government is forced to take care of) and social media influencers lmao (that made their fortune by not engaging in the roles that society needs in order to function well). 

It’s obvious that the former would lead to more growth for the society as a whole whereas the latter would pose greater threats and potentially contribute to its downfall. 

This IMO is why schools and universities will never teach you the real juice (even if you enroll in biz school, they’ll ultimately teach you how to become a good employee aka carve out a good, successful life in the middle). 

And why if you want more out of your life, you have to take charge of your own self education. 

But that’s not the point of this email… 

Point of this email is when you decide that you’re done living in the middle and you want to make a 
quantum leap to the upper echelons of the bell curve… 

You’re going to be hit with massive and I mean MASSIVE amounts of resistance. 

This resistance will manifest in many different ways. 

From the obvious such as the people in the middle laughing in your face while telling you:

Who do you think you are to dream that BIG…

Dude, this is a pipe dream…

No way in hell a guy like you achieves a life like that…

You’re delusion as fuck, snap out of it…

To the not so obvious such as: 

The subtle resistance you start feeling inside your own heart and mind that tells you: “Gee, maybe everyone is right and me quantum leaping from the middle to the upper echelon is just completely outside the realm of possibility.”

Regardless of what form it takes, resistance is resistance. 

And it’s important to know what’s happening here. 

When most people get hit with resistance, they turn it into such a big deal because they think their loved ones are turning on them and doubting them and so on and so forth. 

But that’s not actually what’s happening. 

What’s happening is the “glue” of society is manifesting through your loved ones in an attempt to keep you in the middle and away from taking big shots that may end up in you falling into the tails of the bell curve. 

Another thing that’s happening is:

When somebody from the middle (doesn’t matter who) decides to quantum leap into the upper end of the bell curve, it shines a light on the true condition the people in the middle are living in (they’re sleeping in a dark room and are comfortable. You leaving “shakes things up” aka turns the light on the room and reveals its true state: messy, dirty, lousy, etc.). 

This obviously isn’t pleasant, so their natural defense is to prevent you from escaping the group (so they can shut the light again and live comfortably in the dark aka sleepwalk through life). 

As a result:

You see this take the form of “group politics” all the time.

Even back in my College days, I saw this clear as day. 

It was funny because I noticed that people who fell on the tails of the bell curve (either flunked or got A+’s) would always be lone wolves and operate solo. 

The people who fell in the middle of the bell curve would always be the ones who studied together all day in “study groups.”

On more than one occasion, they would ask me:

“Tej, you want to join our study group?” 

And in my head I would think:

“F noooooo. I don’t want to study all day & fall in the middle.”

But in reality I would say:

“Would love to, but I have this biz thing I have to take care of, so I won’t be able to. Sorry.”

(Side note: Play the game. Don’t let the game play you. In any group situation whether it’s in school, sports team, or workforce… it pays to be in good standing with the middle because they’re ultimately the majority.)

So I would get out of it. 

But even more than that, I noticed that if someone was originally a part of the “study group” and decided to leave and strike out on their own, the group as a whole would start “hating” this person…

… and make comments such as:

“Who the F does this guy think he is?” 


“Oh look at so and so, they’re such a big shot now and too good for us.” 

This IMO is an unconscious response that is made to strengthen and patch up the “hole” that gets created when somebody leaves a group aka the middle. 

And you also see this in office politics… 

When you’re in the middle and hitting up happy hours and complaining and bitching about the long hours and how the boss of your firm is a complete dickhead… 

The middle loves you. 

But when you start turning down happy hours and stop complaining and start taking conscious control over your language and self education, so you can get out of that situation and start earning more money on your own… 

The middle despises you. 

It’s important you realize this because it’s very likely that this is exactly what you’re going to face when you decide to leave the middle and set your eyes on the upper echelons of the bell curve (whether that’s financially or any other area). 

I know because I’ve experienced exactly this. 

Even though I’ve done a good job of avoiding the middle (not partaking in the cliques that come from the middle), I’ve still felt the sting that the middle manifests in indirect forms. 

One quick example… 

I have many “different” friend circles. 

One friend circle was composed of like 3 guys and 3 girls who would all hang out together very regularly. 

Hitting dinners.

Celebrating birthdays. 

Going on trips. 

So on and so forth. 

And during one summer, I didn’t really have much going for myself so I was hanging out with them a lot. 

Partaking in all the above festivities. 

Getting drunk. 

Pissing away my life.

And then come fall… 

I woke up from the slumber and decided to get my shit together and did exactly that.

6 months later: I left the suburbs (where the clique also lived), got a physical office in Downtown, and moved into a nice place (about ~60 minutes away from the suburbs) and went ape shit crazy with biz.

As a result:

Whenever they’d invite me out, I wouldn’t go (or my phone was on do not disturb mode and I’d just miss it entirely). 

One because:

I didn’t want to make the drive lol. 

And two: 

I was trying to make the improbable happen and quite frankly had no time to listen to the conversations that come with the middle (i.e. shit talking x and x person from high school). 

So I didn’t see these friends as often throughout the years (maybe like once or twice a year)…

Then one day I ended up running into one of the guys from the clique and he half jokingly said:

“Bro, you moved to Downtown and got this nice place and started doing all this shit and now you think you’re too good for us, huh?” 

And all I could do was laugh in return because: 
This is just how the game goes. 

In order to leave the middle and quantum leap into the upper echelon, you have to quite literally leave the middle – this means leaving the groups, not individuals per se. If you don’t leave the groups that call the middle their home, then well… you remain in the middle. 

Simple as that.

With that all noted, I mentioned the above because you’re likely to be hit by something similar on your journey. And it’s important to know how to deal with it. 

This, in return, is what gives rise to the power of Delusion Land (or at least one side of Delusion Land). 

So what exactly is Delusion Land (& when is it needed)?

If you want to go from point A to point B aka go from:

Lower end of the bell curve to the middle of the bell curve…

Example: Making $30k/year to $70k/year. 


Middle of the bell curve (average) to upper middle of the bell curve (slight above average)…

Example: Making $70k/year to $250k/year.


You do not need to live in Delusion Land. 


You can continue to live in “normalcy land” and you’ll be able to make “linear progress” in due time and carve out a happy, successful, average looking life. 

Nothing wrong with this. 

But if you want to quantum leap from the low/middle end of the bell curve to the upper echelons of the curve… 

Aka do what Conor Mcgregor did when he went from cashing welfare checks to becoming one of the most successful UFC fighter of all time 

Or do what Eminem did when he went from living in a trailer park to becoming one of the most successful rappers of all time 

Or do what John Paul DeJoria did when he went from being homeless and living on the streets to launching Patron Tequila and becoming a billionaire 

(Assuming you have the innate talent.)


You need to live in Delusion Land. 

This is the case because:

You need a mental model that allows you to play both defense (defend against all the resistance that is going to be thrown at you from the middle) and offense (keep focused on the reality you’re willing into existence) at the same time. 

Delusion Land allows you to do just that. 

So again, what exactly does it mean to live in Delusion Land?

To live in Delusion Land is to go from living in the lower/middle of the bell curve mentally and moving to the upper echelon of the bell curve 
in your mind’s eye BEFORE it actually happens in physical reality.

In simpler words:

In physical reality: You’re still in the middle of the bell curve. 

But in mental reality: You’re at the upper echelons. 

(Contrast this with “normalcy land” when 
physically and mentally you remain anchored in the middle.) 

Nothing less and nothing more. 

If you examine the trajectory of anybody who has quantum shifted from the low/middle of the curve to the upper echelon you’ll notice that “physically” they may have still been in the low/middle of the curve but “mentally” they were at the end. 

Peep interviews of Conor McGregor.

Peep interviews of Kanye West.

Peep interviews of Jay Z. 

Peep interviews of rags to riches entrepreneurs.

You’ll see it clear as day.

For this is what makes all the difference.

Because life is ultimately all mental (“All Is Mind” – Buddha) and the mental focal point you hold of yourself (constantly) is what physical reality ultimately catches up to in due time. 

SO with that stated… 

Delusion Land is needed because if you don’t anchor yourself mentally to live in the upper echelon, then: 

You’ll let the “glue” society hits you with in the form of resistance (both external/internal) fill you up with doubt, fear, uncertainty, anxiety and talk you 
out of greatness and back into moving to the middle and staying there for your entire life. 

If that’s what you want, it’s perfectly fine. 

But if that’s not what you want, then you want to change your “mental” reality from being in the middle of the bell curve to the upper echelons and remain 
anchored there (regardless of what your physical reality is currently hitting you with).

Now the question becomes… 

How To 
Quantum Shift Into Delusion Land

To quantum shift into Delusion Land, you simply define:

Point A (you’re starting point) 

Point Z (you’re end point) 


“Mentally” move from Point A to Point Z by taking on the identity, habits, routines, and thoughts of the version of yourself that lives at Point Z (upper echelons) and “infusing” your current physical reality with it.

(Visualization is the greatest tool.)

Example #1:

Point A: Regular YouTuber

Point Z: One Of The Greatest YouTubers Of Our Generation

“Mentally” move from Point A to Point Z by adopting the energy, demeanor, attitude, and work ethic of the Point Z version of yourself and “infusing” that into your daily “physical” life aka task list of making daily videos.

Example #2:

Point A: Regular Writer 

Point Z: One Of The Greatest Writers Of Our Generation 

“Mentally” move from Point A to Point Z by adopting the energy, demeanor, attitude, and work ethic of the Point Z version of yourself and “infusing” that into your daily “physical” life aka task list of writing every single day. 

Example #3:

Point A: Regular Entrepreneur 

Point Z: One Of The Greatest Entrepreneurs Of Our Generation

“Mentally” move from Point A to Point Z by adopting the energy, demeanor, attitude, and work ethic of the Point Z version of yourself and “infusing” that into your daily “physical” life aka task list of building companies. 

Get the point?

By doing so, you create a new “mental anchor point” and meet your current physical reality with your quantum version of self and this is ultimately what changes your physical reality from being stuck in the middle to the upper echelons. 

(Remember: All change starts with mental change.) 

In return, this allows you to “laugh” in the face of all resistance because you now know it’s not a matter of if, but when because it’s already done and now time (physical reality) just has to catch up to your new mental focal point. So you can simply rest easy and enjoy the journey to the top of the world as if you’re living out the memories in real time.

Now when most people come across Delusion Land, they sometimes don’t get it (my fault) and email me with questions that say something along the lines of the following: 

“My current version of self is dead broke and my quantum version is a multi-millionaire, so how the F do I stay anchored in the quantum version when in physical reality I can barely cover rent and I’m behind on my bills.”

And it’s a fair question. 

So here are guidelines & practical applications for how to approach this situation (so you get a little bit more clarity on what it actually means to stay in Delusion Land).

Guidelines And Practical Application (For Staying In Delusion Land)
Living In Normalcy Land:

Physical reality: Dead broke, behind on bills, can barely cover rent, stuck in debt, going through financial woes. 

Mental reality: Dead broke, behind on bills, can barely cover rent, stuck in debt, going through financial woes. 

What results does this lead to:

Staying broke and full of anxiety, stress, worry, frustration because physical reality ultimately plays catch up to mental reality (there’s a lag) so if your mental focal point remains the same, then your physical reality remains the same. 

This means:

You’ll continue to have money problems and will remain at the same level of the bell curve (because your mental focal point remains the same). 

Living In Delusion Land

Physical reality: Dead broke, behind on bills, can barely cover rent, stuck in debt, going through financial woes. 

Mental reality: Multi-millionaire 

What results does this lead to:

Instead of approaching your physical reality through the version of yourself that is dead broke (heavy, stressed, worried), you approach it through the version of yourself that is a multi-millionaire (light, capable, empowered). 

This, in return, allows you to infuse your physical reality with newfound skills, ideas, work ethic, habits, routines which ultimately transforms your physical reality from one of financial woes to financial abundance. 

See the difference? 

To live in Delusion Land does NOT mean to be delusional about your current physical reality (meaning you’re dead broke, but you ignore that and think I’m a multi-millionaire and spend whatever money you have on bullshit possessions and sink deeper and deeper into debt and financial woes), 
but to be delusional about your mental reality.  

This is what makes all the difference. 

I know because I’ve done exactly this… 

Time and time and time again. 

A Few Examples From My Own Life 

Example #1 – Business

Physical reality: -$67 in checking account, sleeping on mattress in parents home, getting yelled at by rents nonstop, future looking as bright as a dark room. 

Mental reality: Financially free and living on the top floor of a Downtown high rise overlooking the entire city with full freedom to go anywhere, anytime and with anyone. 


Mental reality became physical reality. 

Example #2 – University 

Physical reality: Getting trash grades, struggling to get through my classes, constantly flunking, getting yelled at by rents nonstop lmao.

Mental reality: A+ student.


Mental reality became physical reality. 

Example #3 – Copywriting

Physical reality: Low conversions, shitty offers, trash angles, one business failure after the next.

Mental reality: Successful DR marketer with a portfolio of winning brands/offers. 


Mental reality became physical reality. 

Example #4 – Content

Physical reality: Writing a daily blog with zero readers. 

Mental reality: Writing to an audience of tens of thousands of daily readers. 


Mental reality became physical reality. 

Example #5 – Relationships/Network

Physical reality: Hanging out with cousins who were slangin, getting into endless beef, and causing a scene everywhere they went and/or drinking buddies. 

Mental reality: Worldwide network of top writers, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and marketers.


Mental reality became physical reality. 

Such is how the game goes. For the only thing keeping you at the lower or middle end of the bell curve is your mental focal point and when you change your mental focal point, you change everything. 

So that’s all for me today.

Hope enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading!

Your friend, 


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