Entrepreneurship Is A Spiritual Journey (Here’s How You Win) 

I was having dinner with an old friend from high school. 

In between the laughter filled jokes and overpriced drinks, he stated: “Bro, it’s wild to see how you are now and what you’re up to and how you were in high school. In high school, you were egging houses, breaking windows, and didn’t give two fucks about anything. What changed?” 

And to that question, I could only reply with the following:

Becoming exposed to entrepreneurship is what changed for it’s the ultimate gateway drug. 

“Gateway drug?” He responded. 

“Yeah, a gateway drug to meditation, self awareness, optimizing energy levels, personal development, healthy eating, getting adequate rest, and better decision making.” 

In other words:

Before entrepreneurship: 

I didn’t give two Fs about these things (all I cared about was partying, watching & playing sports, and acting a fool). 

After entrepreneurship: 

I learned to optimize these areas to perform at a higher level and ultimately crack the code to making money without needing to ever work for the man. 

So with that noted, I want to draw the parallel between entrepreneurship and spirituality and illustrate how entrepreneurship is really a modern day spiritual path. 

Moreover, I want to document the stages of both entrepreneurship and spirituality and how viewing it through the lens of the hero’s journey will allow you to perform at a higher level (consistently) and ultimately win, BIG.

On that note, here’s what I’m going to cover:

  1. Entrepreneurship is not just a career, but a modern day spiritual path (here’s why)

  2. How to navigate the stages and win BIG (this unlocks internal and external riches)

  3. My personal journey of entrepreneurship and spirituality 

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Alright, let’s dive right in. 

Entrepreneurship Isn’t Just A Career, But A Modern Day Spiritual Path (Here’s Why)

Most people assume entrepreneurship is a commercial undertaking where you find a problem, solve it at scale, and fade off into the sunset with millions. 

And it is. 

But it’s also so much more. 

An opportunity to:

  • Master yourself (paradigms, skills, habits)

  • Get in touch with the Creator inside you (know yourself)

  • Create your reality (conscious creation)

And when you see it through that lens, you quickly realize that entrepreneurship is a lot like spirituality. 

In other words:

You start the game with conditioning and suffering (“poor little me, the world is rigged against me”).

You end the game with freedom and liberation (“nothing hurts anymore, I am freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”). 

In between, you undergo the hero’s journey:

This hero’s journey is what ultimately makes entrepreneurship a spiritual undertaking for what you gain on the other side is worth far more than the millions in your bank account.

With that stated, I wanted to start our exploration today by breaking down the hero’s journey through the lens of both entrepreneurship and spirituality, so you can see the parallels between the two. 

Then, I want to reveal the simple 3-step game plan you can leverage to better navigate the hero’s journey (both internally/externally). 

And lastly… share with you my own experiences with the hero’s journey when it comes to both business and spirituality.

So without further ado, let’s get started…

The Hero’s Journey: Entrepreneurship Is Spiritual Development On Steroids (Know What You’re Getting Yourself Into!)


Below are the stages of the hero’s journey seen through the eyes of both the spiritual and entrepreneurial path (I’m sharing this because understanding it allows you to better navigate your journey and not quit when the going gets rough!): 

1. Start the hero’s journey in the normal world – Whether it’s the spiritual or the entrepreneurial journey, it starts in the normal world of conditioning. 

With entrepreneurship, you usually begin by coloring inside the lines and doing what society tells you to do. Going to school, getting good grades, working a job, being a good employee, and walking the familiar path. 

With spirituality, you usually begin by coloring inside the lines and taking what society tells you to be the truth of reality and your potential. Going to church, watching Bill Nye the Science Guy in school, developing logic, rejecting the idea of God and walking the familiar path. 

This is where it all starts. 

Then it’s time for the next step.

2. Call to adventure – The more you find yourself living in the normal world, the more you sense that something is off. What it is you cannot quite say. But something is wrong. This makes you grow restless. And leads to an inner longing which makes you feel as if something precious is missing from your life. Again, what this something is you cannot quite say. All you can say at this point is how you’re living is only a small potential of how you’re capable of living. There’s more to you and life to discover.

With entrepreneurship, this longing usually expresses itself as a desire to break free financially and location wise. In other words, you’re tired of working for the man, punching a clock, and being glued to one location. You see others traveling the world, driving exotic cars, and living the life you desire. 

With spirituality, this longing usually expresses itself as a desire to break free mentally and spiritually. In other words, you’re tired of being run by your mind, experiencing endless suffering, and being stuck in your familiar patterns. You see others living with the zest for life, experiencing liberation from the mind, and enjoying the authentic freedom you desire.

This call to adventure plants the seed and sets the stage for the next step.

3. Meeting a mentor – Once you experience the longing for something more, the Universe gets to work (because reality is ultimately a nondual mirror) and delivers to you a mentor in the form of a person, book, course, or guide who has the singular purpose of confirming your suspicions: 

“Yes, something precious is missing.”

With entrepreneurship, this mentor usually expresses itself through an intro level book, course, podcast, YouTube video, tweet, whatever that exposes you to a new way of life. 

As a result, your suspicions are confirmed and you realize what’s missing from your life is leverage, the ability to split your time from your income through the creation of a scalable vehicle in the form of business.

With spirituality, this mentor usually expresses itself through an intro level book, course, podcast, YouTube video, tweet, whatever that exposes you to a new way of life. 

As a result, your suspicions are confirmed and you realize what’s missing from your life is union with True Nature/Presence – the ground of Being that is the source of everything (the disconnection from which leads to an impoverished existence and man’s suffering).

This, in return, opens your ‘ordinary’ world to the possibility of an ‘extraordinary’ world (a world that prior to this stage you didn’t even know existed!). 

And sets the stage for the next step… 

4. Crossing the threshold into the extraordinary world – Once the mentor opens your eyes to a whole new world, you have two choices. You can either close your eyes and act like you didn’t see this new world. Or you can keep your eyes open and start your journey by crossing the threshold from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

With entrepreneurship, the crossing of the threshold occurs when you decide you’re going to trade happy hours and brunches for business books and time spent building leverage. This is usually the stage when you go dark, keep your business building efforts a secret from everyone else, and put in an hour of deep work before and after your normal 9-to-5 gig (or school). 

With spirituality, the crossing of the threshold occurs when you decide you’re going to let go of the life of the mind and open up to the world of spirit. This is usually the stage when you go dark, keep your spiritual journey a secret from everyone else, and start adding new practices to your daily routine. 

Once this occurs, there’s no going back. You’ve crossed the threshold and now you’ll likely experience the next stage…

5. Trials + failure – After days, weeks, months of putting in the work as your usual self (half baked efforts if we’re being honest), you’re struck with a sobering realization: 

The mentor(s) made it look easy, but the path is full of trials and failure. You’re going in a circle, falling on and off the wagon, second guessing your decision, and losing your mind. 

It’s not going to be an easy journey like you initially thought. No hit and run here. Sorry. It’s going to require full focus and commitment. But that’s not all. 

At this stage, you also realize that the root cause of your trials and failure is not anything external, but internal. 

In other words, what’s in the way of you and the success you desire is YOU. 

With entrepreneurship, the character wants riches, but it’s precisely the identification with the character that keeps you engaged in bad habits, shying away from pulling high ROI levers (consistently), and doing what is required to make business work (people do not have business problems, they have personal problems that manifest in their business). 

With spirituality, the ego wants enlightenment, but it’s precisely the identification with the ego that keeps you stuck in the past/future, cut off from the now, and away from the enlightenment that is already here.

This, in return, leads to the following realization: The part of you that wants x is precisely the part that must die for you to get x (because it’s the part that gets in your own way). 

And sets the stage for the next step:

6. Acquisition of new skills – Once you realize that success isn’t going to come as easy as you initially thought, it’s time to stop looking externally and start looking internally. By doing so, you ultimately realize that the person you are now is not the person that is going to take you to the winners circle. In short, you must change by developing new skills that shift you from your current version of self to your required version of self to realize the dream. 

With entrepreneurship, the acquisition of skills include sales, marketing, copywriting, funnels, content, audience building, offer creation, design, accounting, finance, leadership, delegation, time management and discipline. 

With spirituality, the acquisition of skills include meditation, body awareness, inquiry, superego work, shadow work, inner child work, bioenergetics and developing presence. 

More you wrestle with developing these skills, the more you move your current version of self towards death and your new version of self towards life. 

This, in return, sets the stage for the next step:

7. Death & rebirth – At this point, you start to understand the point of the hero’s journey. You realize the point is not to put in a half baked effort and run off with your millions and enlightenment as your current version of self, but to undergo a death and rebirth process. The entire point of the hero’s journey is to die and be reborn. 

With entrepreneurship, the you that dies is version 1.0 — the character you were when you originally started the journey. And the you that is reborn is version 2.0 — the one with the right mentality, skills, and execution habits. 

With spirituality, the you that dies is the son/daughter/child of your parents — the weak, passive, deficient, scared, and fragile self image you had unconsciously taken yourself to be. And lived your entire life through. And the you that is reborn is the adult you aka the son of God — a real, palpable, fresh presence that is a unique and spontaneous manifestation of Source/True Nature. 

Once the death and rebirth process ensues, you’re ready for the next step of the journey.

8. Revelation – During the revelation phase, you start meeting the moments of your life as the new you. And something really interesting starts to happen. No longer do you experience the same old dull experiences. Instead, you start experiencing drastically different results and breakthroughs. 

This gives rise to the following ah-ha moment/revelation: “All this time the world that you thought was out there was actually not out there, but in here… inside your consciousness. And it’s ultimately a mirror. For what you give, you get for only the Self/consciousness is. So when you changed yourself, you ultimately ended up changing your world.” 

With entrepreneurship, the revelation arises when you change your thoughts, skills, and habits. And take those to market. By doing so, you start to realize the more value you give to the market, the more value you end up receiving in the form of cold hard cash. 

With spirituality, the revelation arises when you’re on a walk one day and it feels like the entire world is “in on it” and smiling back at you like “it’s about time, you finally got it and understand that the world is just a mirror.”

This revelation opens you up to the mirror principle/non-duality of reality and sets the stage for the next step.

9. Life changes – At this point, you’ve discovered something very interesting about reality and the world you inhabit. It’s not a world that you’re born into and exists separate from you, but a world that is inside you and built by you. In other words, you’re not a deficient, little, fragile self image interacting with a dead world, but the creator of your world. And if you don’t like your outputs in life, you can change your inputs. 

Steve Jobs Secret Of Life

With entrepreneurship, this is usually the stage when you go balls deep into conquering your reality. Picking one high leverage vehicle and focusing on it all out until you create the changes that you desire to experience in the video game of life. 

With spirituality, this is usually the stage when you start experiencing the depths of your True Nature open up to you and the longing to become one with the Beloved intensify. 

This, in return, leads you to the next stage:

10. Atonement – At this point, the work increases and you start fulfilling the initial longing that you experienced and a reconciliation of your suffering. No longer do you look out and feel like something is missing from your life. Instead, you’ve begun satisfying the deepest yearning of the heart. 

With entrepreneurship, you have started to gain leverage.

With spirituality, you have started to gain union with True Nature. 

11. Receives lost treasure – With atonement comes treasure. The lost treasure that initially created a hole in your being and compelled you to undergo the hero’s journey. 

With entrepreneurship, you eventually gain the lost treasure in the form of financial, location, and time freedom. 

With spirituality, you eventually gain the lost treasure in the form of the qualities and capacities of True Nature such as freedom, liberation from suffering, joy, love, peace, compassion, confidence, strength and so on. 

This, in return, leads to the next stage.

12. Hero returns transformed – Once you’ve used the vehicle of entrepreneurship and spirituality to reconnect with your lost treasure (ultimately who you are), you begin the journey back into normalcy, but as a different person.

With entrepreneurship, you experience the transformation as a newfound aura around you that is characterized with power, resourcefulness, and abundance. 

With spirituality, you experience the transformation as a newfound aura around you that is characterized with presence, zest, and maturity. 

This, in return, brings us to the final stage.

13. Ends the hero’s journey in the normal world – Now you find yourself back in the normal world. Eating dinner, drinking overpriced drinks, and shooting the shit. Except it’s no longer the same world. For it’s now infused with the lost treasure that illuminates this world in a completely new light. 

With entrepreneurship, you resurrect the normal world with a newfound glow that allows you to see that you are the Creator of the world you inhabit. Always have been. Always will be. For life is one big dream/mind game and only the Creator is. 

With spirituality, you resurrect the normal world with a newfound glow that allows you to see that you are the Creator of the world you inhabit. Always have been. Always will be. For life is one big dream/mind game and only the Creator is. 

And with that you complete the hero’s journey and transform the world from darkness to light

Such is the entire point of entrepreneurship.

Such is the entire point of spirituality. 

So with all that noted, the next question becomes… 

“I understand that both the entrepreneurial and spiritual journey involves the same hero’s journey of transforming the world from darkness to light, but how can I navigate this with greater ease to win big?” 

And it’s a great question. 

I’ll now share the 3-step approach that works best for me.

How To Navigate The Hero’s Journey With Greater Ease To Win BIG (This Unlocks Internal & External Riches)


Before I get into the 3-step approach, I just want to say:

I’ve never understood why people doubt or question if they will be able to realize their dreams. 

To me it was a forgone conclusion because the Universe is not random or sporadic, but based on intelligent design. 

And one of those intelligent designs is the Hero’s Journey.

In other words, think of the Hero’s Journey as the master algorithm for evolution. 

If you want anything from life, then all you have to do is kick start the hero’s journey. And naturally it will take you on a wild adventure that puts you through all the above stages.

Ending in victory. 

(There is no other plausible outcome.)

Issues only arise when you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into, expect to make a half assed effort (by keeping your current version of self intact), and quit before you finish the entire hero’s journey.

If you do that, you’re fucked.

It’s like taking food off the heat before it’s fully done cooking.

Not going to end well for life doesn’t work this way. 

Entire purpose of life in my eyes is to continuously go through a process of death and rebirth for with every death you experience, you shed more of the false and become deeper in tune with your True Nature. 

All of life is thus a spiritual pursuit and every experience is ‘raw’ material to discover who you are. Especially the raw material that comes with the entrepreneurial journey for it constantly requires you to die and be reborn at every new level you encounter.

So with that noted, the question becomes:

How can you navigate the entrepreneurial journey with greater ease to win big?

And the answer is the 3-step approach.

Let’s cover that now. 

#1) Know what you’re getting yourself into – It really starts and ends here. Majority of the people who I see fail with entrepreneurship (especially in today’s day and age when things are so much easier) are the ones who don’t know what they’re getting themselves into. SOOOO if you’re expecting to get into entrepreneurship, throw up a shitty dropshipping store, and make millions… then you’re in for a rude awakening. 

It’s likely not going to go down like that. 

For the entire point of entrepreneurship isn’t the money, but the death and rebirth process it puts you through. Every single person who makes it goes through this process. It’s unavoidable because the Universe is just. 

So if you’re not willing to go through it, then don’t begin the journey of entrepreneurship. And if you are willing to go through it, then stop complaining, bitching, and moaning. 

For what is the point? 

If you want to become who you know yourself to be and make the money that you know yourself to be capable of making, then you have to undergo the hero’s journey. 

Accept this truth and enjoy whatever stage you find yourself in to the absolute maximum. For the more you do, the faster you move onto the next stage.

Okay that’s the first thing you want to apply to make the journey easier. The next is to:

#2) Quiet the monkey mind – The economy, market, competition, AI, and whatever else you fear is not your enemy on the entrepreneurial journey. The only enemy you have on the entrepreneurial journey is the monkey mind. 

What’s the monkey mind?

The primitive part of your psyche that is wired towards surviving at the expense of thriving. This part obviously doesn’t know that you are an eternal being that can never die, so it constantly tries to keep you warm, safe, and comfortable. And away from starting and completing the hero’s journey. It does this in two ways:

1/ Hitting you with limiting beliefs (so you never start the hero’s journey) – “Don’t you know 9/10 businesses fail?” “You’re not the type of person who’s cut out to make it as an entrepreneur!” “You’re too shy, timid, and talentless!” “Don’t give up your day job!” “It’s just a pipedream!” “Everybody you see making it and caking it is just a scammer!” 


2/ Hitting you with judgements along the way (so you quit at whatever stage you’re at) – “You suck, this is never going to work for you. Quit now.” “You fucked up and should’ve chose x shiny object instead!” “You’re punching a keyboard all day and making $0 meanwhile all your peers are climbing the corporate ladder and making bank, are you dumb?!”

All these judgments are bullshit, but if you listen to the monkey mind, then you’re fucked and going to sabotage your chances of success at every step of the journey. 

With that noted, it’s important to quiet the monkey mind.

Here’s how: 

1) Watch the monkey mind – The monkey mind runs you because you’re not aware of it. Instead, you’re unconsciously identified with it, so whatever it says, you do. It tells you to stop working, you stop. It tells you to start working, you start. It tells you to not approach x person even though you want to, you don’t. It tells you to eat that piece of cake even though it’ll fuck up your diet goals, you do. So on and so forth. This noise runs you 24/7. So the first step is to simply become aware of it. See how the monkey mind is constantly giving you commandments for living your life. See how these commandments are designed to keep you surviving, but at the expense of thriving. 

2) Defend against the monkey mind’s judgements (stop taking your cues from the monkey mind) – Once you become aware of the noise in the monkey mind, you’ll start noticing that the monkey mind judges you non-stop. 

It’s constantly yelling at you and making you feel like shit by telling you that you’re not good enough, you suck, you should work harder, you’re such a loser, blah blah blah. 

It’s important to defend yourself against this critical voice because it’s not really your voice, but the voice that you internalized from your early childhood environment. 

You can prove this to yourself because the way your monkey mind judges you today is almost identical to how your mom and dad judged you as a child. If your dad judged you to be a lazy son of a bitch for chilling on the couch, then you’ll notice that your monkey mind judges you for being a lazy son of a bitch whenever you take your foot off the gas pedal and take a break from work. 

It’s the same judgments at play and they lead to the monkey mind completely running your life. With that stated, you want to defend yourself by catching these judgments and ultimately telling the monkey mind to shut up and go to hell (view the monkey mind as a bully. Stand up to it as you would with a real bully. Defend yourself with strength).

This is one of the most important actions you can take to restore order in your inner kingdom. 

So do it whenever it’s needed to clear out all the voices you’ve internalized that are ultimately not you.  

If you’re curious to learn more about the monkey mind’s inner critic and how to defend yourself, check out the book:

“Soul Without Shame”

Alright the last step is to… 

3) Replace the noise with silence  – Once you start defending against the critical voices inside your psyche, then you’ll notice that you naturally start experiencing more silence and stillness. This is a sign that you’re moving beyond the monkey mind and aligning with your deeper nature. This is the ideal place to navigate the hero’s journey from (so always come back here whenever the journey gets too rough for you). 

With the above noted, quieting the monkey mind is the second thing you want to do to make the entrepreneurial journey easier to navigate. The third is:

#3) Navigate the hero’s journey from a place of God Consciousness – There’s two ways to navigate the hero’s journey: 

1) Character Consciousness – When you live your life by taking commandments from your character’s monkey mind. In other words, the character pulls your strings. 

2) God Consciousness – When you live your life by taking commandments from your eternal self. In other words, you pull the strings on your character. 

I’ve personally enjoyed the most success by taking the reins back from my character and putting those in the hands of God. 

This ultimately means: 

The character’s monkey mind is not in charge.

You are. 

So the question now becomes, how can you activate and navigate the hero’s journey from God Consciousness?

And the answer is simple. 

You activate God Consciousness by consciously speaking to your character and giving it instruction/coaching as you’re navigating the hero’s journey. 

In other words… 

You override the unconscious monkey mind and push the buttons on your character as if you’re playing a video game. 

If you know you’re in the trials + failure part of the hero’s journey and the character’s monkey mind is going crazy, stressing, flipping out, causing a muck – don’t go along with it.

Relax, take a deep breath, drop the judgements, get in touch with the silence, and tell your character:

“This is part of the hero’s journey. You’re not going to back down now, but do xyz instead.” 

And then push the buttons on your character and make it take the required action that’s in your best interests like you’re playing a video game. Nothing less and nothing more.

When you do the above, (1) you know what you’re getting yourself into (so you’re less likely to abandon the path when the going gets rough), (2) you’ve silenced the monkey mind (so you can no longer be run by the lowest version of yourself) and (3) you’ve awakened the God Consciousness inside you (so you can navigate the journey from the highest version of yourself). 

This, in return, allows you to navigate the hero’s journey with greater ease and makes all the difference in the world.

So now that you’ve seen both the entrepreneurial and spiritual journey through the lens of the hero’s journey and also uncovered the 3-step approach to better navigating the journey, I briefly wanted to share with you my personal experiences. 

Here goes… 

Lessons & Insights: My Personal Journey Of Entrepreneurship And Spirituality 


I remember when I first started my entrepreneurial journey and was obsessed with making money, people used to hit me with the Businessman & Fisherman story: 

One day a fisherman was lying on a beautiful beach, with his fishing pole propped up in the sand and his solitary line cast out into the sparkling blue surf. He was enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun and the prospect of catching a fish.

About that time, a businessman came walking down the beach, trying to relieve some of the stress of his workday. He noticed the fisherman sitting on the beach and decided to find out why this fisherman was fishing instead of working harder to make a living for himself and his family. “You aren’t going to catch many fish that way,” said the businessman to the fisherman.

“You should be working rather than lying on the beach!”

The fisherman looked up at the businessman, smiled and replied, “And what will my reward be?”

“Well, you can get bigger nets and catch more fish!” was the businessman’s answer. “And then what will my reward be?” asked the fisherman, still smiling. The businessman replied, “You will make money and you’ll be able to buy a boat, which will then result in larger catches of fish!”

“And then what will my reward be?” asked the fisherman again.

The businessman was beginning to get a little irritated with the fisherman’s questions. “You can buy a bigger boat, and hire some people to work for you!” he said.

“And then what will my reward be?” repeated the fisherman.

The businessman was getting angry. “Don’t you understand? You can build up a fleet of fishing boats, sail all over the world, and let all your employees catch fish for you!”

Once again the fisherman asked, “And then what will my reward be?”

The businessman was red with rage and shouted at the fisherman, “Don’t you understand that you can become so rich that you will never have to work for your living again! You can spend all the rest of your days sitting on this beach, looking at the sunset. You won’t have a care in the world!”

The fisherman, still smiling, looked up and said, “And what do you think I’m doing right now?”

And it was a cool story that made me chuckle. 

But at the same time, I could give two fucks (lol) because people who believed in that story were missing the entire point of life (IMO). 

To me the point of life is to: 

Use the raw experiences of life to evolve from version x to version y. And do that over and over again (shedding away all the false versions of yourself) until you become who you truly are, which is the ultimate version.

With that stated, it doesn’t matter if the fisherman starts his journey chilling on the beach and ends his journey chilling on the  beach. For the beach may be the same, but the fisherman will have evolved and will be different. 

Such is the entire point of leaving the beach in the first place (and taking birth as a human being).

Same thing with spirituality. 

You’ve probably heard the quote:

Before enlightenment: Chop wood and carry water.

After enlightenment: Chop wood and carry water. 

And it touches on the same point. 

What you’re doing externally doesn’t matter as much as who you’ve become internally.

For the only solace in the video game of life is knowing who you truly are. 

No other safety nets exist besides that.  

In other words:

Reality is somewhat of an illusion, but you are the eternal project, my friend. 

There is nobody here, but you.

You can either use the life before you (including the unique experiences that come through the world of business) to grow, evolve, and know yourself. 

Or you can remain stuck at your current version of realization.

Whatever you choose is up to you (no judgements, no right or wrong, no obligations), but all paths ultimately lead to the same end conclusion: 

That you are the Creator and only the Creator is

The spiritual and entrepreneurial journey will both have you arriving at this conclusion if you go deep enough. 

I can say that with confidence because here’s what my entrepreneurial journey entailed at the beginning:

Full identification with the limited character & viewing the market as separate from me – The limited character is who I took myself to be. Nothing else existed. I was here and the market was out there, separate from me. Doubt, misery, uncertainty, and worries consumed by journey endlessly. How was little old me going to navigate the big bad market to make a fortune? It seemed next to impossible at the start of the journey. 

Here’s what it entails now: 

Waking up to the fact that the market is not separate from me, but exists inside my awareness and when I change what I infuse my awareness with, I change what I experience in the market – There is no outside or inside. There is no duality. All is just one flow of the same Being at play and everything we experience is imagined into existence by Awareness. Business building is not an exception. So when I change what I bring to the moment, I change what I experience. 

And here’s what my spiritual journey entailed at the beginning:

Full identification with the limited character and viewing the world to be separate from me – Taking myself to be strictly the personality, cut off from the depths of my nature, feeling empty, meaningless and full of lack. 

Here’s what it entails now:

Waking up to the fact that “This Is A God Dream” – When you dream at night, you imagine a world full of people, places, and things. Everybody appears to be different from you and separate from you. A whole life exists inside the dream world. But, then you wake up and realize: “Oh that was just a dream! Nobody really had a fundamental existence, they were all just dream characters that I had imagined into existence. Nobody was separate from me, they were all inside my own head!” The spiritual journey has ultimately led me to the same conclusion. We are not separate characters with individual existences, but characters that are existing in the mind/dream of God. And only God’s will is. When we die, we wake up… to realize that we are one with the Creator. Always have been. Always will be.

As you can see, the path is different, but the end game is somewhat the same (although the spiritual journey of course goes infinitely deeper than the entrepreneurial one). 

So with all that stated… 

What are you scared of? 

Life’s one BIG playground for discovery (you cannot fail). 

And the hero’s journey is the master algorithm for evolution. 

Put it into action through the entrepreneurial and/or spiritual journey and allow it to touch and transform you from who you think you are (limited Character) to who you truly are (infinite Creator). 

That’s all for me.

I hope you enjoyed reading creating this deep dive as much as I enjoyed writing creating it. 

I’ll catch you next Saturday.

Until then, 

Keep laughing your way to the top of the world

Your friend, 


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