My 6-Step Process: How I Easily Manifest $33,000+ Days (Profit)


How I Easily Manifest $33,000+ Days (profit) by @ComedicBizman

My Step-By-Step Process:

I’ve used this 6-step process to manifest:

  • 3.87 GPA from one of the top uni’s in Canada (after getting straight C’s in high school)

  • $50k+ days consistently 

  • Multiple successful businesses in all types of niches

  • $500k investment in under 24 hours for a RE client

  • Top floor apartments

  • New identities 

  • Amazing adventures (i.e. travel to New York w/ Vancouver Canucks hockey team)

  • Free experiences (i.e. meeting Dana White & getting hooked up with Free UFC tix)

  • Apprenticeship with 8-figure marketer

  • On and on…

I don’t say this to brag. All that stuff is cool, but none of it really matters (“No material possessions could ever measure what my soul’s worth.” ~ Nipsey). 

I just offer it to you as proof.

Because this method works 100% of the time (if followed correctly).

Only time it doesn’t work is when I get too cocky, fuck up the steps, and get in my own way (it happens). 

Best of all? You don’t have to believe in this process to see results.

We don’t believe. We know.

Once implemented you too will experience the results and develop a sense of knowing and that’s when life will truly become an epic adventure.

So ready to get into it?

Let’s do it, but first a quick disclaimer: 

I’m not one of these ‘manifestation’ folks who sits around all day jerking off to Lamborghinis, worshipping crystals, reciting cheesy affirmations in the mirror. All that stuff is cool. Do you. No judgments. Just not my style. I am practical and simply do what works. So even though what I’m about to reveal is proven by quantum physics, yogis, top athletes, mystics, spiritual gurus, and tech billionaires…

I don’t really give a F. 

Even if it wasn’t (it is) I’d still do it because it works.

Got it?

So let’s now (finally) get into the step-by-step process. 

This is going to be a long thread and these 6 steps must be practiced in order (If you can’t even focus for 10-30 minutes to carefully read this thread or follow 6 easy steps in order, stop reading now. This isn’t going to work for you.)


There’s two ways to play the game of life. 

Way #1) Person Consciousness
 – This is when you believe the limited human you see in the mirror is you (I call this ‘human’ your ‘character’). And you attach your identity to his/her thoughts, body, emotions, preferences, struggles, stories, and labels. 

This is how the majority of the world goes through life. And chances are it’s what you’ve been doing too. Most people try to manifest from this state of Person Consciousness by reciting affirmations, visualizing, and acting as if but it doesn’t work because you place too much importance on yourself and keep getting in your own way (perhaps you’ve noticed?). 

Luckily there’s another way…

Way #2) God Consciousness (this is just a label. Could just as easily be labelled Witness Consciousness or Presence) – This is when you view the limited human you see in the mirror not as you, but as the ‘character’ you’re playing. And you no longer attach yourself to his/her thoughts, body, emotions, preferences, struggles, stories, and labels. 

Instead you move from ‘Person’ to ‘Presence’ and activate the Witness inside you, the relaxed, detached presence/awareness that simply observes the life of your character like an independent 3rd party (with zero judgment/attachment). 

This switch from personal consciousness (ego) to God consciousness (presence) is the FIRST move you have to make. 


You’ll be too close to the life of your character (person) and will keep blocking your own blessings because you care too much about the results (and fuck up the whole process)…

Plus you won’t be able to tap into your FULL creative powers (more on that in just a bit). 

So how do you make this switch? 

It seems hard, doesn’t it? Not really. It’s easy (you access this state all the time without ever realizing it. Especially when you’re in FLOW/IN THE ZONE). 

Close your eyes right now, take a deep inhale and on the exhale for just 2-5 seconds consciously drop all labels, thoughts, emotions, attachments and just fully ‘let go’ of everything like you’re dead and relax into presence (shout out Bentinho for this tip). 

Do it now. 

Did you feel the depths of the stillness? 

That’s presence (the part of you that is everybody and everything). 

Now imagine observing yourself from outside yourself like an independent third party.

Just observe the thoughts running through your character’s mind, the emotions your character is experiencing, the circumstances your character is going through…


Instead use a relaxed awareness like you’re looking at the thoughts, emotions, circumstances of a complete stranger.

Do it now. 

That’s you getting in touch with the Witness inside you. 

This state of complete presence and simple observation/witnessing of what your character is going through is what I mean by God Consciousness (and this is the state you need to get familiar with!) 

No longer are you living life from the first person (going through life as your character).

But the third person (you’re “watching” your character go through life just like you do when you’re watching a movie on the BIG screen). 

To help make this state habitual:

(1) Take up meditation and simply observe the thoughts, emotions, irks of your character with zero judgment or attachment for 20 minutes a day 

(2) Download Mindfulness Bell from the app store. Set a bell to go off every hour. Once this bell goes off, take a deep breath, drop everything for 2-5 seconds, and ground yourself back into presence/witness aka God Consciousness. 

Also Pro Tip: You can set the bell to go off at random times. This is an easy way to train/test yourself. If the bell goes off and you feel startled, you know you’re operating from Person Consciousness because you’re too sucked into his/her circumstances (that’s why the bell startled you). If the bell goes off and you don’t get startled, you know you’re operating from God Consciousness (because you’re in a state of presence/witnessing). 

(3) Start referring to the human you see in the mirror as the character you’re playing in this video game of life. Don’t identify so closely with it. Create separation between you (the witness/God consciousness/presence) and the character (human) that you see in the mirror. It is not the real you. Just a meatsuit you’re wearing (just like when you’re cold and put on a hoodie, you don’t become the hoodie. Same shit. God Consciousness put on a body to experience life as a human, you are not the body. You are God Consciousness). 

Now before you get all crazy with this, there’s no need to get this perfect. 

I personally fuck up and slip from God Consciousness to Person Consciousness 10390494 times a day. So cut your character some slack.

All you need to do in this step is simply ACTIVATE God Consciousness (and set up the simple habits I discussed above) so you can get comfortable viewing your character from outside yourself (like an independent 3rd party). 

Once you do this, move onto Step Two. 


 From a place of God Consciousness (independent third party ‘relaxed’ awareness), observe (with ZERO judgment) everything that goes on in the life of your character. 

And then delete all the negatives (or as much as you can) to neutralize your character’s environment and restore its energy/power (this is CRUCIAL).

Things to observe & delete from your character’s life: 

  • News

  • Politics 

  • Destructive self talk

  • Shitty ‘friends’

  • Toxic media (i.e. WorldStarHipHop)

  • Negative people on your Timeline

  • Pornography

  • Struggle rap music 

  • Bullshit R&B ‘music’ that’s just simping 24/7 over some broad

  • Hustle culture 

(I wish this wasn’t required. My character’s favorite rappers are struggle rappers lol. But your life is at stake. You can either choose CNN or to live out the greatest adventure ever – what’s it going to be? Good choice.)

Why get rid of all this shit?

Because all these things are carefully engineered by the powers that be to make you unconsciously manifest a reality that does NOT serve you, but them.

Don’t believe me? 

Why does almost everybody (the masses) who religiously follow all the above inputs end up with the exact SAME following outputs:


Come on now. You don’t need a fancy calculator to see the math is adding up clear as day here. The results of all the above inputs are all around you. 

Just wake up a little bit and look around.

*Shakes you* 

Remember: Neutralize the above inputs from a place of God Consciousness (relaxed awareness/third party observation with ZERO JUDGMENT or emotional attachment). If you try to eliminate these inputs from Person Consciousness, you’ll get emotionally invested and the powers that be will consume your Energy dry. Avoid. 


The powers that be are engineered to convince you that the world is full of LACK and you are not a creator, but a slave who must worship the MAN, jerk off to IG girls you’ll never bone let alone have the balls to approach (side note: dw brah they ain’t that hot in real life), pay your dues like a dummy. 

But in reality?

It’s all BULLSHIT. 

“We don’t believe you, you need more people.” (Jay-Z voice)

All lies designed to control you (this is why in Step 2 we neutralized all those destructive forces so they can no longer run your character like a slave). 

Once you get rid of the inputs from Step 2, you’ll start feeling so much more joy, love, power, limitless possibilities, confidence, gratitude for NO REASON (because this is your natural God Like state that the powers that be have hijacked). 

From this newfound ‘natural’ state, you want to ask yourself: 

“What do I want to create?” 

Or you can ask… 

“If failure didn’t exist (note: which it doesn’t. Have you ever seen failure? Me neither) and I could do and be anything, what would I want to experience?” 

Don’t just answer this question half-heartedly now. 


Go out in nature for an hour with a journal. Relax. Take a bottle of wine with you. A few of your favorite snacks. Chill out and unwind. Then do a couple of rounds of Wim Hof Breathing to clear away all tension and then ask yourself the above question(s).

Note: There is no lack or limits. You literally have GOD inside you and can make anything happen. After all, you’ve created all you see around you. You just forgot. If you created all this, what’s creating a couple million dollars in comparison?


So dream up your new creations. Be BIG and BOLD. 

If you could truly create and experience anything, what would it be?

Would you create a $50k/year salary, wrinkles on your forehead, a dick that doesn’t work, layers of belly fat (give up the beers), and a wife that doesn’t want to fuck you let alone look at you? 

Hahaha (F that noise)


Would you create a life that fulfills you with unlimited $$$, great health, rich relationships, amazing adventures? 

“Obviously the latter, Tej!”

So do it. Quit letting the powers that be manifest the former reality for you. Take control of your creative powers. Stop being a pussy who thinks if you dream too big, you won’t get it and will fail. Remember: Failure doesn’t exist. It’s just a BS concept put inside your head so you buy into a Universe of Lack. 

But just look around in nature…

All I see is beauty and abundance, what do you see?

“Beauty and abundance.” 


So tap into this abundance and create the dreams you want to manifest into reality. Make them BOLD and BIG.


After you’ve dreamed up your new creations from the detached state of God Consciousness, your character (ego/person) is going to be juiced with excitement… 

“I can’t wait to experience this…”

“I have so much energy, I’m going to hustle my face off…”

“I’m going to chase this dream and nobody can stop me…” 

“Some kid on Tweeter named Tej Dosa (what kind of fucking name is that anyways?) said this is proven and it’s going to work 100% of the time so now I’m just going to run with full force after my dreams and bring them to life!!”


Slow down. Take a deep breath. Relax. And read this next part carefully: Dreams don’t come true because you’ve been conditioned to put them on a pedestal and “chase” after them like a slave.

Why shouldn’t you put dreams on a pedestal & chase after them?

Well, let me ask you…

Remember that girl in high school who you were simping hard for and wanting to be with so bad? What was her name? Oh right, [insert her name here]. She was the one that was a goddess in your eyes, right? The one you chased and pursued for months on end? The one you wanted to be with more than anything else in the world? 


Did you get her? 

“No… she started dating the captain of the football team.” 

Yeah, no shit bro. 

Never put pussy on a pedestal. 

“Pussy is just pussy and I get it when I need it.” (Drake tried to give you the keys brah)

“I know this already (I learned the hard way)…” you say.

If you know it, then why are you still putting your dreams on a pedestal?

It’s the same principle. 

The more you desire something, the lower your chances of getting it.

The less you care, the easier it is to get. 

And I know you experienced this…

Ever been on a sales call & NEEDED it to close?


Did it close?


On the other hand…

Ever been swimming in $,doneasalescallwithoutgivingafuckaboutgettingthe$ because you didn’t need the money…


What happened?

“I closed with ease.”

Of course you did. It’s the same principle at play. 

So to actually achieve your dreams, you have to take them off the pedestal and bring them to eye level. 

Society conditions you to assume the value of 1, but attaches the value 10 to your dreams. 

But in no world does 1 = 10 (this is why you’ve probably been chasing your dreams for years now but ain’t shit changed for you). 

You have to make 1 = 1 to make your dreams come true and you do that by knocking your dreams off the pedestal your character is conditioned to put them on. 

How do you do that? 

By living in God Consciousness (3rd party observation, detached, relaxed presence) and viewing your character’s dreams with INDIFFERENCE (zero attachment).. 


You (God Consciousness) are happy if the dreams/intentions materialize for your character. You’re happy if they don’t. IT’S NO BIG DEAL because you’re already whole and complete and at peace.

You may think this is hard to do (but that’s your ego speaking). 

From a place of God Consciousness this is easy to do because you are not attached to the life of your character (you’re an independent 3rd party). You’re already at peace, whole, filling yourself internally with all that you need. This is why Step #1 is so fucking important because otherwise you’ll get in your own way and keep sabotaging yourself by putting money, pussy, great health, amazing adventures on a pedestal and running after them. Remember: Nothing is above you because you are truly all of it. The presence that is inside you is the same presence that makes up the entire Universe. Zero separation. All illusion.

Now what’s next? If you’re not supposed to chase your dreams, what the hell are you supposed to do all day?


Most of society is stuck ‘chasing’ their dreams. When you chase a dream, what you *think* you are doing is starting from point A (where you are), chasing your dream over days/weeks/months/years (time), then eventually getting to point Z (where your dream resides).

But that’s a lie. Time is an illusion. Which means there’s no past or future. Only the Now (everything occurs simultaneously).

So if all you’re doing is chasing in the now, then you’ll forever remain behind your dream and in lack of it because the Now is all there is (hint: what you do in the now is what becomes your life). External circumstances will change to make it seem like things are changing (you’ll grow older with age, make and lose friends, get a lot of busy work done), but since your mental focal point (state) is fixated on chasing in the now, that’s all you’ll ever be doing. Your dream will always be ahead of you. And you’ll always be behind. Running after it and chasing it with all your heart, but never getting it. Because what you chase will always elude you. 

This is why I do not chase dreams (never have, never will). 

Instead, I live my dreams daily in the now. 

How do you live your dreams now? 

By getting in a state of knowing (and staying there NO MATTER WHAT). 

What’s that?

Let me explain…

There’s 3 roads people take to ‘manifest’ their dreams:

Road 1) Desire their dream (but don’t do anything)

Road 2) Believe in their dream (and set and pursue goals and work hard to get it)

Road 3) Know the dream is already achieved (align their consciousness to their dream and trust/move with the flow of Life and let time catch up to their consciousness). 

You’ve been conditioned to take Road 1 (which doesn’t work) or Road 2 (which can work and is the road Money Tweeter pushes but in all honesty this road is full of a lot of struggle, setback, sacrifice and far too often just results in mediocre success). 

But the ones who become MASSIVELY successful (i.e. billionaires, elite athletes, spiritual masters, the ones who impact the world at large)? 

They ALL take Road 3. 

Don’t believe me, do you? 

You don’t have to. You can go see for yourself: 

  • There’s videos of Will Smith on YouTube right now talking about “When I want something, I know it’s already done. In my mind, it’s over. No doubt. Time just has to catch up…” 

  • There’s lines in Warren Buffet’s biography about how he always “knew” he was going to be rich and worked from that state throughout his teens until ‘time’ caught up and he became rich…

  • There’s stories of how Steve Jobs’ used his ‘Reality Distortion Field’ to make whatever he wanted come to life…

  • There’s stories of Kobe Bryant & Muhammad Ali telling people “I know I’m the greatest basketball player/boxer to ever do it” before anybody ever recognized their talents…

  • There’s stories of Mike Tyson’s coach conditioning him to “know” he was the baddest motherfucker alive and train, box, eat, sleep, fuck, speak from that state of knowing…

  • There’s interviews of Kanye West from decades ago saying “outlandish” shit that all came to fruition (heck Kanye will even tell you he’s talking to you from the future lol and everything he is saying he already knows is done)…

  • There’s interviews of Connor McGregor documenting how he always “knew” he was going to be a world champion/one of the biggest stars to ever exist in the fighting world (before anybody even knew his name)…

The examples are all out there if you have the eyes to see…

But when it comes to uplifting you, the powers that be “lower” your mental value through the media and tell you to “chase your dream” so they can forever keep you on the hamster wheel (and operating from a position of LACK).


No amount of money, girls, success, achievement is worth more than you, my friend. This is why in the opening line I said all the material possessions I’ve accumulated are cool, but “No material possessions could ever measure what my soul’s worth.” 

Value your soul (and your consciousness) above all else.  

The game of society is set up from the jump to make you feel less than so you spend your entire life chasing and satisfying everybody else’s dream besides your own. 

Fuck that and everybody trying to keep you trapped and on the hamster wheel.

Get off the hamster wheel. Activate God Consciousness. See how you’re playing yourself from outside yourself (objectively). Lose the importance you associate with your dream. Get into a state of knowing. And live, breathe, eat, sleep from this state and view your dream as if it’s already done.

How do you get into a state of knowing (and view your dream as already done)?

Here’s what I do every single day (no particular order)

1) Create & Review A Mindset Visualization Folder 3x Daily + Trigger Visualization

What’s inside the Mindset Visualization Folder? All the creations I want to manifest (pulled from Step #3). All the intentions I want to bring to life. All the new upgrades I want my character to experience. All the visions I have for my character during this lifetime. All the Ws my character has collected to date. All the ways in which my character lived and impacted the world. Everything (all written out in the past or present tense as if it’s already done because it is). 

I’ve been using this religiously for the last few years and it’s insane how quickly I’m able to upgrade characters, bring new intentions to life, and experience new adventures. I would LOVE to walk you through exactly how I have my Mindset Folder set up (and how you can set yours up too), but it would take too much time to explain here. 

So what I’m doing is creating a FREE (no strings attached) 7-Day Mindset Folder Email Course that’ll walk you through how to build your own folder from scratch (plus give you the exact daily prescription you need to follow to quickly and easily manifest its contents). 

If you want that go to

If not, no biggie (but it IS a crucial step of the process so would highly recommend it. Even if you just sign up for the email list, grab the Free 7-Day Mindset Folder Email Course and unsubscribe after, it’s all cool by me.)

Okay let’s get back on track…

While I’m reviewing the Mindset Folder (or after I’m done), I’ll close my eyes for 5-15 minutes and visualize all I’ve read as being already DONE. 

I’ll feel the feelings that come with this intensely and let those wash over my entire consciousness. Then I’ll express deep gratitude from the heart for this newfound life, achievements and experiences and will be overjoyed with such abundance. I’ll stay in this state for a few minutes and truly soak in all the feelings that come with it. Then towards the end of the visualization exercise, I’ll spend a few minutes simply visualizing my character going through the process to bring these intentions to life with extreme confidence and power. Most of my dreams are BIG as fuck and I have no idea how they’re going to turn into reality so most of the time I have no idea what the process is, but that doesn’t matter. I’ll just visualize the next logical step (example: if your intention was to become a 7-figure copywriter, you’d just visualize your character getting up from the visualization and completing whatever next step that is in alignment with that vision. Could be writing new ad copy, sending out proposals, hopping on a sales call, whatever). After I’ve done that, I’ll take a deep breath, reactivate God Consciousness and let it all go with indifference (because remember you want to be indifferent to your dreams/intentions so you don’t put them on a pedestal). 

Just this alone goes a LONG way in aligning both your consciousness AND your character with the state of knowing, but it’s not enough. 

We must STAY in a state of knowing and show up to life daily with this state because it’s this state that pulls our dreams towards us. 

This is why I also do two more things as a part of my daily routine…

2) Take the overarching dream/intention/vision you created in Step 3 and write it out DAILY 10-15x in the PAST or PRESENT TENSE (as if it’s already done). 

Don’t type it. Write it by hand. 

Don’t write: “I’m going to be a 7-figure direct response marketer.”

Do write: “I am, [insert your full name], and I am a 7-figure direct response marketer who writes multiple 6-7 figure promotions with ease, grows brands in the health niche in record breaking speeds, and transforms the lives of 100,000+ customers in the process. I live life 100% on my own terms, travel the world with reckless abandon, and experience the greatest adventure known to man.”

Put emotion into it. While you write out your dream 10-15x out by hand, the words should fuel your character with emotion, trigger your imagination, and put you in a state of knowing.

(Note: I’m not telling you shit just to tell you shit. If you go through my old journal entries from when I was 14-15 years old, you’ll find pages and pages full of intentions such as “I, Tej Dosa, easily make $xx,xxx per month.” And then I would hit that. And increase the number. And then again. And again. And again. It’s surreal to look back at those journal entries now because what I intended and held onto as a kid is what I’m living today. So please do this. It really puts you in a state of knowing and keeps you there if you do it daily.)

But that’s not all…

The last thing I do (in step 5) to create and stay in a state of knowing is…

3) Overpower reality & live the lie (stay in delusion land)

After I’ve reviewed my Mindset Folder and wrote out my intentions, I create the state of knowing and put myself in it. 

But very quickly… 

“Real” life starts to rear its ugly head. 

And I look around and see a life that’s COMPLETELY different than what I just imagined/felt with every fiber of my being. 

At this point, I have two options…

I can either pussy out, forget about all the shit I visualized/experienced mentally, leave the state of knowing, and give into the reality before me (what I used to do when I used to live from Person Consciousness). 


I can activate God Consciousness, make my character man the fuck up, stay true to all that I’ve already visualized/experienced, STAY in the state of knowing, and OVERPOWER reality by aligning my thoughts, words, reactions, habits, actions with what I seek to manifest.

Most people struggle to manifest because they struggle to overpower reality (because they operate from Personal Consciousness). 

I’ve learned not to do that. Instead, I live the lie EVERY MINUTE and stay in what everybody around me calls ‘Delusion Land’. 

What does this mean?

I’ll give you some personal examples… 

In early college, I used to drive a car so shitty that the breaks would stop working randomly whenever it started snowing or raining too much LOL (side story: one time I was driving through an intersection that is usually busy as fuck and like 30 seconds before passing it, it starts fucking hailing. I go to break but nope shit’s not working. And I know how busy the intersection I’m approaching is so I’m just mentally preparing for death, but for some reason while I lost control and skidded through the intersection there was NOT a single other car in sight (usually this intersection is packed as fuck) so I made it out alive haha.) 

But in my mind I wasn’t driving a shitty car. 

Whenever I would go to pick up my GF, I’d tell her “Alright I’mma pull up in the Lambo in 10.” 

In my head I was actually driving a Lamborghini. 

Why am I telling you this? 

Is it because I have a Lamborghini now? 

No I don’t. It’s because now I have the money to afford a Lamborghini if I wanted to get one (but I kinda lost that thrill so I’m over it as of right now. But maybe that’ll change tomorrow. Who knows). 

Another example… 

I used to sleep on a mattress on the floor for years. Whenever other people would see the mattress on the floor, they’d all look at me like I was cashing welfare checks. But in my head I wasn’t sleeping on a mattress on the floor. I was sleeping on a bed in a room with amazing views of the entire city. This was me overpowering reality.

And the reason I tell you this?

Now whenever I’m in my DT pad, I wake up IN REAL life to amazing views of the entire city because I’m living on the top floor of a high rise. Whenever people see the view, they’re like “Holy fuck!” But to me? I was so used to overpowering reality that when I moved into this place I didn’t even experience any real difference because I’ve already lived in this reality for a long time (mentally).

Another example…

I’ve only worked a real job for 3 days of my life (flipping burgers at McDonalds). But in early college (before biz started popping off), I was flirting with the idea of being a good little boy and doing Co-Op. So I landed an interview for some start up. Problem was at the interview they kept asking me questions that were designed to get me out of delusion land:

“Where do you see yourself in x years?” 

“When it’s all set and done, what do you want to have done with your life?” 

“Walk me through what this next year of your life looks like…”

My issue with this?

I knew exactly what type of answers they wanted. But the thing is I would have to leave my state of knowing/delusion land to give those answers. I would get the job if I did, but I would turn against myself in the process. 

Not worth it. I don’t leave delusion land for anybody. I didn’t even give a fuck about the job in the first place (my Mom made me go because she was tired of me punching keyboards all day lol). 

So what did I do?

I stayed in delusion land and dropped it like it’s hot (I was hungover as fuck too so just didn’t care at that moment). 

“In xx years, let’s see I’ll be xx years old. At that age, I’ve done x, y, z (crazy, ridiculous, insane goals/intentions).”

Then I just watched the interviewer’s mouth drop. 

“What, I beg you pardon?!”

So I repeated it with a straight face. 

And at that moment I knew I totally fucked up that interview. But I left their offices in a state of knowing and high as a kite (most important thing). Then I got home, got a call from my Co-Op Advisor a few days later and she said “xyz interviewer called me and said you had a great resume, amazing experience, but your “attitude” is not workspace friendly. You’re not realistic, head’s in the clouds, and the real world is going to give you a very big reality check. So for that reason they’re not going to give you the job.” 

I said, “Thank God.”

She said, “What?” 

I said, “I can’t work for nobody that’s trying to get me out of delusion land.” 


“Sorry I got to go, my Mom’s calling me.” Then hung up. 

Why am I telling you this story?

x years later, guess what happened? 

The company I was interviewing for? Their start up failed (no shit… good luck trying to launch a startup without living in delusion land). 

Meanwhile what happened with my life? I was living exactly what I told that lady I was going to be living (granted it didn’t happen in the exact time frame I predicted, but fuck brah it was close enough). 

Such is the power of delusion land. You have to align your entire fucking being with your intentions/dreams and view them as already done and stay in that state and not let ANYBODY not your mom, girlfriend, dad, sister, brother take you out. 


Other ways you can live the lie is by bringing pieces of your ideal life to your daily experience now (do this as much as possible).

If you want a Lamborghini, go test drive one. Feel the car. Watch videos about it. Color your entire consciousness with it and view it as done.

If you want the lifestyle of the rich and famous, go work from fancy hotel lobbies. Grab drinks at the nicest restaurant in town. Save up and get a first class ticket once this Rona BS is done. Put yourself in the environment. 

If you want to build a successful business, chop it up with successful entrepreneurs and view these guys as your new friends/network because the dream of building a successful venture is already done. 

If you want a home in the hills, go for a cruise in the neighborhood and view it as your neighborhood (I used to do this all the time in my ‘Lambo’ lol). 

Personal Example Of How I’m Applying This (Right Now):

Right now one of the places I live in is on the top floor and has amazing views of the entire city (water, mountains, city life, everything). 

BUT I always love to keep dreaming bigger (because this entire thing is just a fucking game and I don’t take none of it seriously. Not attached to any of this shit. I was just as happy sleeping on the mattress because I’ve activated God Consciousness AND I HAVE THE JOURNAL ENTRIES TO PROVE IT Lol). 

So next to my place is a killer building with a penthouse like a gazillion stories higher with panoramic 360 views of the entire city. I saw images online and it’s breathtaking. 

Cost of this penthouse? 


So what am I going to do? 

I’m going to schedule an appointment with the realtor for a viewing. Then I’m going to show up like I own the place (Because I already do) and cement all the visuals in my mind. I’m not going to take pictures and jerk off to em lol (F that remember don’t attach too much importance to your dream or put it on a pedestal). I’m just going to walk in like I’m coming home. The realtor is going to be so clueless that he’s not even going to know that he’s in MY house showing me MY home. 

But I will know because I live in delusion land and that’s why I will live in that home (If I still want it once I get a free $10M to throw at it). 

See how this works? 

Most of society lives in the ‘real’ world. 

Bro I don’t even know WTF the real world means. 

I live in Tej’s Delusion Land (people ask me “How’s quarantine lockdown going?” BRO this shit doesn’t exist in Tej’s Delusion Land. I don’t even know WTF is going on in the world, I’m just busy living in MY reality). And I stay there DAILY (heck even when I’m drinking a gallon of water, I’m not drinking normal water mentally. I’m drinking and visualizing the most pure, rich, empowering water that’s going to fuel me with Infinite Energy and unlock higher powers of amazing health). I do this shit with everything. But I don’t tell anybody (besides you) because if I did, they’d probably try throwing me in a mental institution haha.

Alright that’s Step 5. 

Remember you have to follow this in order to see crazy results. You can’t be depleting your energy by day jerking off to porn and then enter delusion land at night. Nah bro. You gotta make it your whole life so you can start to paint life consciously. 

One thing I should also point out is a good way to know if you’re living in delusion land/state of knowing is by applying the following test: If your dream was to fall into your lap right now, would you experience any real difference in your state? 

If you’re actually living in a state of knowing, then your vibe, energy, thoughts, habits, words should already be in alignment with you living out your dream now so you shouldn’t experience ANY difference when it actually happens. This is how you know you’re in alignment. 

I remember the first time I made big money in one day. I rolled out of bed, grabbed my phone, saw the number, and didn’t think “Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit.” I was just like “Cool” and got on with the rest of my day like nothing happened because I was already making that level of money in my mind LONG before it ever happened in reality. Once it happened, there was no change in my being because I was already living in a state of knowing. See how this works? 

99% of people reading this right now would be overjoyed with excitement and wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if their dream fell into their lap right now. And that’s exactly why it hasn’t yet nor will it ever if you keep living like that. 

Do you think when guys like Kobe got called the GOAT, they were rushed with disbelief/excitement? Nah a guy like Kobe already knew he was the GOAT long before he even made the NBA. Once people started calling him the GOAT, he always had the ‘yeah, no shit. It’s about time you guys caught up to the truth’ vibe. 

You need to be the same way with your intentions. You should not be surprised to experience your dreams, you should expect them and react with indifference because you know it’s already done.

Now let’s cover the last & final step.  


Once I activate the state of knowing and make myself comfortable in delusion land, I’m usually chilling there with NO IDEA about “how” what I want is going to come to life (but at the same time I know it’s already done and I just have to receive and experience the ‘steps’ to make it real). I had no idea how I was going to build a successful business. I had no idea how I was going to make $100 let alone $50k+ in a single day (profit). I had no idea how everything was going to play out. 

But that’s okay. 

You don’t need to know nor do you need to “control” the how. 

This is where a lot of people fuck up. 

Because their character can’t see the how, they sabotage themselves. 


Because here’s how reality works (I think):

Once you start visualizing what you seek and enter delusion land, reality is going to start to reconfigure itself to match your vibration (sounds new agey I know, but just work with me for a minute). This could mean people you haven’t spoken to in years start hitting you up, you come across new opportunities, you hear and see similar messages/signs from all different resources. And on. And on. And on. 

Basically you’re going to start to see a bunch of new paths and opportunities open up to you (that align with your intention). Paths you could’ve never planned or foreseen. Once this starts to happen, you’re ONE and ONLY job is to let go of your character’s hard grip on life/need for control and surrender to the flow of life by moving with it (LIFE IS SMARTER THAN YOU, SO STOP TRYING TO CONTROL IT. LET IT FLOW AND JUST MOVE WITH IT). 

Most people do not have the balls to surrender to life (because they let their preferences, labels, likes, dislikes, resistance get in the way), but surrendering is required.

(This is again why we activate God Consciousness so you can simply observe your character and know when he’s getting in his own way and override it). 

How does this play out in reality?

Here’s a personal example: 

After I set the intention of building a successful online business (as a teenager) and embodied that state of knowing, I had no idea how I was going to do it. But I was receptive to life and trusted Life to figure it out. I would just stay in delusion land, keep my eyes open for opportunities/paths that aligned with my intention, and move with those by taking forward action (even when my character resisted). 

So that’s what I did and one day I was chilling on the couch late at night when I came across some infomercial. 

I really liked the way they were advertising the product (at this time I sucked at marketing) and was drawn to it. Then something was pushing me to investigate further, so I hopped on Google and discovered this type of marketing was direct response marketing (prior to this I just thought marketing was just brand awareness BS like McDonald’s commercials). 

But once learning about Direct Response, I was like holy shit. This is epic. Then I didn’t know what to do, but I knew to just move with Life so I decided to learn all I could about direct response. And I did. That’s when I came across copywriting and discovered OGs like Gary Halbert and started studying their work like crazy. 

While I was doing this…

My character was giving me so much resistance. Telling me shit like, “Bro you got a C- in English class, what makes you think you can write?” “Bro, you don’t even know the difference between ‘than’ and ‘then’ – I’ve seen the texts you send these girls.” “Bro, fuck sitting home all day writing, let’s go out and crack open some brews with the boys.” 

But I wasn’t identified with my character. 

So I didn’t give a F about what he was saying or thinking.

I just let those thoughts come and go while I remained in the state of knowing and moving with the flow of life. 

By moving with the flow of life I eventually ended up getting really good at marketing/copywriting and that’s what led to me fulfilling my first intention of building a successful online business. 

See how this works? 

I set my intention of building a successful online business, life offered me a path via direct response marketing, I went with it even though my character resisted, and kept saying yes to life. By doing so, life took me directly to my intention and it materialized before me (it wasn’t linear, life took me through ups and downs, but I just kept riding the waves and staying in delusion land and taking forward action and it came true). 

This is all you have to do. You set the intention and hold it, life opens up an adventurous path for you and brings it to life. Then you move with it and ride the waves until it takes you to the treasure chest. 

I don’t know why this works this way.

But it’s insane. 

Everytime I set new intentions and enter delusion land, life quickly starts reconfiguring itself and starts presenting me opportunities that are in alignment with my intention (in a matter of days sometimes hours!). All I have to do at this point is muster up the courage to act knowing that what I want is already done. And when I do (and stay in the state of knowing in spite of everything thrown at me), I emerge victorious.

Happens every time. 

Again, I don’t know why this works. I have theories about the how, but that’s irrelevant.

What is relevant is in order to succeed and manifest your desires, you have to give up control (over the how) and just MOVE/TRUST LIFE when you spot actions that are in alignment with your vision (then act while staying in a state of knowing. Don’t act to get something. Nope. Act like what you seek is already yours and you’re just going through the motions. Remove all pressure. Remove all doubt.).  

This may seem hard, but you already do this every night. 

If you can fall asleep at night, then you already know how to give up control and let LIFE take over (I like to tell people “if you know how to sleep at night, you know how to succeed at life whether you realize it or not”). 

“WTF are you talking about?” 

When you fall asleep TONIGHT, pay attention to the process.

Before you fall asleep, what do you do? 

You decide to go to sleep (set intention). Then you prime yourself with a routine to put yourself in a state that is ready for bed (brushing teeth, stretching, meditating, whatever). This is similar to getting in a state of knowing when it comes to manifestation. Then what do you do? Do you sit there and plan exactly what time you’re going to fall asleep, how much REM sleep you’re going to get, what you’re going to dream about? Fuck no. Instead you jump in bed, close your eyes (small forward action), give up control, surrender to life and let sleep come to you. 

You don’t force anything. You embody the state of sleepiness, relax and sleep finds you.

This is exactly how manifestation/success works too. 

The more you try to fight and claw your way to success, the more you suffer because you just keep getting in your own way (since you’re taking actions that usually aren’t rooted in a state of knowing, but a state of desire or belief). 

And you can even see this with sleep too…

Ever have a big day the next morning or a head full of worries?

It’s hard to fall asleep those days, isn’t it?

Why is that?

It’s because you have a mind full of thoughts, you keep getting in your own way, you’re struggling to give up control, and your inability to surrender to life is keeping you from falling asleep. That is why.

Same shit applies for success. 

Most people fail because they:

1) Don’t set intention

2) Don’t enter state of knowing (or leave at the first threat of opposition)

3) Don’t take small forward action forward

4) Don’t give up control and surrender to life. 

Instead, they let their character’s preferences, thoughts, emotions, labels, fears, doubts, resistance call the shots (i.e. “I don’t feel like doing x today!” “I’m so tired, I can’t put in 2 hours of deep work…” “OMG will I succeed or fail?!” blah blah blah) and “chase” their dreams from a level of desire/belief. 

But this doesn’t end well, does it?

You should know because it’s probably what you’ve been doing up till now. 

It’s not your fault. 

But you must realize that in order to get your life to take off, you can’t keep playing the same game. Instead, you have to follow the above steps and embrace the call of adventure (even though your character will want to resist it).

Stop being a slave to your character. 

Let LIFE/GOD/HIGHER SELF/OUTER INTENTION (whatever you want to call it) take over and deal with the how (all you have to do is set your intentions, stay in delusion land, keep your eyes open, and act forward). 

This is what makes life exciting (if you knew how your dreams would materialize, what would be the point of doing anything? It would be so boring!). 

As kids we have no control over the “how” and that’s what makes life so fun.

But once we grow up, we start acquiring more and more “perceived” control. We get our fancy degrees, put fancy letters before our names, and think we’re somebody who’s actually in control. Then we let all these likes, dislikes, preferences, resistance we’ve accumulated get in between us and the flow of life (which just ends up blocking all our blessings and leaves us either with mediocre success or NO SUCCESS).

Is that the life you want?

If so, go for it (you’re free to create and experience whatever). 

But if not, you must learn to surrender to life and give up control so it can lead you to the promise land (after you’ve overpowered reality with what you seek). 

How do you do this?

Stay in God Consciousness. Remain grounded in nothingness. So there is no ‘you’ left to get in the way of you and Life (this is why I personally got into meditation & why it’s so crucial to activate the Witness inside you). 

The closer you get to nothingness, the easier it is for life to flow through you and move you towards your intentions with complete ease (because your character is no longer getting in the way of life). 

I know all this shit sounds crazy. 

And I could spend the next 10,000 words proving it all to you. 

But I’m not here to prove anything.

I have zero desire to convince anybody of anything. 

All I’m here to do is share with you this 6-step system that I’ve rigorously tested during the last decade and some change. The same system I’ve used to hit 5-figure days. The same system I use every single day to create new adventures (this isn’t something you just read about, think “Oh awesome!” and then forget about. Nope you have to print this out and live all 6 steps DAILY. Do that for the rest of the year and just watch what the fuck starts to happen. You’re going to be blown away because this isn’t just something I’ve loosely thrown together to create a twitter thread (lol F that noise). I’ve played with this over and over again. Tweaked parts. Took out other steps. And perfected it all to experience the results I have to date. 

It’s proven and it’ll work for you. 

But I leave it to you to test it for yourself and experience what it makes possible for you.

In the meantime, I’ll be using this 6-step process to move onto BIGGER AND BADDER ADVENTURES. 

When I dream up dreams now, I don’t care about material possessions or money or business success or whatever (even though I end up getting all that anyways).

I just ask myself:

“What BIG adventure do I want to experience next?” 

And then I kick start this entire process to create and experience the adventure.


Fuck all the limits they imposed on you and the BS they sold you.

You got God inside you and can easily tap into your consciousness to create and experience heaven on earth. The only tools you need are the tools you were born with:

  • Consciousness

  • Thoughts, words, actions

  • Vibes 

So make it do what it do and have a blast. Well that’s it for me, I gave you the whole game and I didn’t even charge you 3 easy payments of $997 (damn maybe I really am god? Haha jokes. I ain’t shit and nothingness is what I’ll always be). 

Before I end this thread, I leave you with the words blasting through my airpods right now (major truth in this verse)…

“If you woke, then wake up

With Judas, kiss and make up

Even with the bitter cup

Forgave my brothers and drank up

Did everything but gave up

Stab my back, I can’t front

Still we win, we prayed up

Even when we die, we raise up (Hallelujah)

Ain’t no wantin’, no, we need it

The powers that be done been greedy

We need ours by this evening

No white flag or no treaty

We (Money Twitter) got the product, we got the tools

We got the minds, we got the youth

We goin’ wild, we on the loose

People is lying, we are the truth

Everything old shall now become new

The leaves’ll be green, bearing the fruit

Love God and our neighbor, as written in Luke

The army of God and we are the truth.”

I ain’t even Christian, but that slaps.

(Side Note About Kanye: People always make fun of Kanye West every time he goes on rants and starts saying “wild” shit like “I have a billion dollar company. I’m the greatest artist of our time. I’m Steve Jobs. I’m Walt Disney. I’m the greatest fashion designer to ever do it. I’m going to drop a gospel album. I’m the modern day Einstein. I’m going to create a school. I’m going to change the world through product.” 

And they all view him as ‘crazy’ and laugh.

But this is just Kanye living in a state of knowing (my guy knows some shit and he doesn’t let ANYBODY take him out of this state)…

And if you watch his old clips (from decades and years ago) you’ll notice something very interesting about Kanye..

EVERYTHING he said has come to fruition.

Ask yourself why?

And more importantly ask yourself:

Who programmed YOU to LEAVE your very own state of knowing? 

As kids, we live in this state naturally. But as we grow up, we get conditioned to leave. 

Who benefits from you leaving this state (think about it)? Who loses from you leaving this state (you)? Ah shitttttttttt. The jig is up. 

It’s no wonder you’ve fallen out of love with life. No wonder you’ve grown miserable and frustrated. No wonder you feel stuck and alone. Change that, my friend. Lose the programming. Find your inner child again and come alive. You owe it to yourself to live the dream.)

Peace & Love my Infinite Friend. Thanks for reading (means the WORLD TO ME & MY CHARACTER haha).

If you enjoyed this thread, go back here and hit like, retweet, drop me a comment (and I’ll keep the threads coming – got a lot more I want to share) or do nothing (AND JUST USE IT!) I don’t give a hoot. My job was just to create this. 

Now it’s all up to you, my friend. It always is. It always was (but if you have questions, I’m happy to help). Now that I’ve handed you the keys. I hope you insert it in the lock housing your dreams and unlock that bitch. 

Your friend, 


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