The $1 Million Dollar Mindset (Apply In Order)

A man is the sum total of his thoughts, words, and actions. 

How he thinks determines what he speaks into existence. 

What he speaks into existence determines the actions the Universe puts on his path to realize the dream.

Nothing less and nothing more.

With that noted, I’ve had many encounters with friends, family and colleagues throughout the years where they made off handed comment to the likes of: 

“Oh, why is it so hard for some people to make money whereas other people make money with ease?!?!?!” 

I tried to explain how life is one big mind game and how you think about money determines how much money you make (you can imagine how that went over haha). 

But of course… 

Nobody believes this (especially folks stuck in a scarcity mindset). 

They would much rather continue believing making money is hard and the world is rigged against them.

And that’s cool (everyone has the right to believe whatever they want and choose their own life experience). 

But throughout the years, I’ve also encountered other people through my courses, letters, and network… 

Who were open to entertaining the idea that life may just be one big life game and how you think determines what you speak and what you speak determines what you experience. 

To these individuals, I’ve simply said:

“All this sounds like bullshit until you experience this, so continue to label it as bullshit until you start experiencing one too many coincidences and cannot label it as bullshit anymore.” 

“Okay” they said in response. 

“But how exactly do I go about applying this?!” 

And to this question, I replied by introducing them to what I call the “$1 Million Dollar Mindset” – a collection of mindsets that once applied (in order) at the level of thought change your words and ultimately your life path. Resulting in you solving your money problems for good and freeing up your time to focus on bigger and badder things (like uncovering the truth of who and what you fundamentally are and what you’re actually doing here). 

With that noted, I thought I’d use this newsletter to summarize exactly what those mindsets are and how to apply each. 

Maybe you’ll use this to rewire your brain.

Maybe you’ll ignore this entirely. 

I don’t know. 

But here’s what you can expect:

  1. Personal mindsets (to build at the identity level

  2. Practical mindsets (to build at the skill level

  3. Professional mindsets (to build at the business level

Why these three areas? 

Because success comes down to: Who you are/how you see the world (identity), what you bring to the table (skills), and how you combine your identity with your skills to create unique value in the world (business).

As a result:

Once you stack these mindsets together, you cannot help, but break free from your conditioning and carve out a unique existence… 

… that is full of internal and external riches.

So that’s exactly what we’re going to cover today. 

But before we jump in, I just want to say: 

I’ve been shying away from writing new long form pieces like I usually do because of the demands of business/personal life during these last few months, but going forward you can expect a new write up every Saturday Morning at 6:00 AM PST. 

If you don’t see me in your inbox, hold me accountable and give me shit. 

Alright, let’s get going :-) 

1) Personal Mindsets → Identity Level 

In order to change your finances, you have to start by changing how you see yourself. If you see yourself as someone who is unworthy (peasant conditioning), then the chances of you making a big (or even small fortune) is slim to none. 

Instead: You’ll continue to unconsciously sabotage any opportunity for financial abundance so you can keep your familiar self-image intact (I see this every day). 

On the other hand: 

If you see yourself as someone who is worthy (king/queen paradigm), then the chances of you consciously creating a fortune are rigged in your favor. 

As a result, the question now becomes:

How do you create change at the identity level? 

And the answer is simple:

By befriending the two most powerful words in the English language: “I AM.” 

Why are these the most powerful words?

Because I AM puts you directly in touch with the fact that you exist right now and the more you feel this raw existence, the more you get in touch with the Presence that you are in this moment (independent of self images/personal history). 

The more you get in touch with this Presence, the more you get in touch with the qualities, capacities, and powers (i.e. joy, strength, love, peace, compassion, confidence, integrity, gratitude, zest for living) that are intrinsic to Presence. 

This, in return, opens you up to a new world of possibilities.

That’s one reason. The other reason may come across as a bit woowoo, but whatever: 

I AM is another word for ‘God’ and by stating these two words, you activate the Creator inside you. 

So with that noted, I AM is how you short circuit creating change at the identity level because whatever you put behind these words is the exact form your consciousness will take on (in due time). 

Problem is… 

Most people are conditioned to put inferior words behind I AM so they go on to experience an inferior reality. 

Examples include, but are not limited to:

I AM stupid. 
I AM not talented enough.
I AM lazy.
I AM poor.
I AM not good with my finances. 
I AM in debt. 
I AM a failure. 

Get the point? 

If so, the first mindset you want to apply is to change I AM ______ (negatives/what you don’t want) to I AM ________ (positives/what you do want). 

(This takes real discipline, but it’s the most important thing you can devote your attention to.)

The way I personally did this is by going out in nature, taking 10 deep breaths, closing my eyes, painting the strongest version of myself in my minds eye, and then summarizing it with the following sentence: “I AM, Tej Dosa, and I AM [clearly defining who you desire to be in the past/present tense].”

No one can tell you who to be. 

Only you decide. 

So decide consciously and make this your north star thought – the one you return to over and over and over and over and over again throughout the days, months, years, decades. 

Once you’ve created your north star I AM thought, the next mindset to stack on top is:

“I Water ‘For’ Thoughts, I Let Go Of ‘Against’ Thoughts.” (shout out the legend Trevor Blake for this tip!)


Let me simplify:

Most people don’t think ‘for’ thoughts. 

They think ‘against’ thoughts. 

Instead of thinking: “I’m lean, muscular, and healthy” (being for health).

They think: “I’m a fat ass, I need to lose weight” (being against fat/weight gain)

In other words: 

They think in terms of what they don’t want. 

This is a mistake because whatever you put behind I AM is what you experience in due time, so by saying: “I’m a fat ass” you’ll continue to think like a fat ass, speak like a fat ass, eat like a fat ass, and in return remain a fat ass. 

Not what we want. 

Solution is to simply think in terms of who you desire to be. 

If you want to be a 7-figure direct response marketer, then think in alignment with this identity (one way to do this is by deliberately exposing your senses to books, podcasts, documentaries, biographies of people who already possess the identity you desire to take on).

And refrain from entertaining thoughts that contradict your newfound identity (thoughts to the contrary will still arise, but whenever they do… replace them by reaffirming who you are/desire to be. This is all you have to do).

At this point: 

You know who you are (I AM thought) and you’re starting to think in alignment with who you desire to be and you’re refraining from watering thoughts that contradict this identity (watering thoughts = giving them attention).

Now what? 

The next mindset to stack on top is:

“I Get To, I Don’t Have To.”

A wise man once told me: 

“Tej, the only thing you HAVE to do in life is die. Everything else is optional, so stop saying I have to and start saying I get to for life is an empty canvas and you get to paint it every day.” 

“Okay,” I said in response. 

And went from thinking I had to: 

  • Learn skills

  • Create offers

  • Build funnels

  • Write 10,000+ word sales letters 

  • Run sales calls

  • Follow up

  • And fulfill on my promises

To “I get to” and that transformed the work from being a heavy burden to a light and playful undertaking. 

So with that stated, reverse engineer the main levers you have to pull day in and day out to actualize your vision and transform the pulling of those levers from “I have to” to “I get to”. 

At this point, you’ve changed how you view yourself, you changed what thoughts you water (and what thoughts you refrain from watering) and you changed how you view your work. 

This alone will change the trajectory of your life forever, but there’s two additional mindsets to apply on top at the level of identity to really supercharge things. 

The first is: 

“Everything Is Easy.”   

Why is this important? 

Because once you’ve defined what you get to do (instead of “have to do”), the mind can either move towards those tasks with full confidence… 

…or create friction that prevents you from executing (day in and day out).

What path your mind takes is directly due to:

The unconscious belief you hold about the road ahead.

In short, the mind resists what it perceives to be hard and the mind moves towards what it perceives to be easy (because we all love to do things that naturally come easy to us!). 

So with that noted, you want to view everything you get to do on a daily basis to become who you desire to be as easy:

  • Getting clients is easy

  • Making money is easy

  • Delivering real transformation is easy

  • Creating viral content is easy

  • So on and so forth

This, in return, will have you jumping out of bed excited to engage the work day and complete what is necessary. 

So that’s the first of the last two mindsets you want to stack at the level of identity. 

And the second/last one is: 

“It Is Done. Time Just Has To Catch Up.”

Why is this important?

Because once you complete what you get to do day in and day out, there’s a lag between what you completed… 

… and what you experience in the way of results. 

This ‘lag’ is where doubts, fears, worries, anxieties, and judgements usually arise to discourage you away from who you desire to be and move you back towards who you’re conditioned to be. 

Key to override this tendency is by ignoring the immediate results and viewing what you desire to achieve as being already done. 

No doubts or ifs. By viewing it as already done, you continue to do what you get to do with full force/max joy and remain in a state of knowing/delusion land (in alignment with who you desire to be and this, in return, is what time eventually catches up to). 

So those are the mindsets to adopt at the personal level.

In summary:

  • I AM, [Name] And I AM [Who You Desire To Be Stated In The Past/Present Tense] 

  • I Water ‘For’ Thoughts, I Let Go Of ‘Against’ Thoughts

  • I Get To, I Don’t Have To.

  • Everything Is Easy.   

  • It Is Done. Time Just Has To Catch Up.

Next we have ‘practical’ mindsets to build on top of our personal mindsets, so let’s cover that now. 

2) Practical Mindsets → Skill Level 

Practical mindsets are the thoughts you entertain while you’re in the trenches and in the pursuit of mastering whatever craft is needed to fulfill your life’s aim. 

These mindsets keep you in the game, so you can build the required skills to become who you desire to be and in return create your desired reality. 

This is obviously important because it’s not just a matter of speaking into existence who you desire to be. 

You must also actively build the required skills to become who you desire to be. 

So, the first step is to jot down the skill stack your ideal identity possesses… 

From core skills you focus on mastering throughout your life to supporting skills to unique differentiators. 

Write it all down…

… and the second step is to create a plan of action for building these skills (short obsession fuelled sprints work best). 

While you’re building these skills, you’re going to feel stupid and inferior and like you’re no good and embarrassed, but it’s important to not focus on that (what you focus on, you get more of). Instead, you want to water the following core mindset: 

“Every Day In Every Way I Am Getting Better And Better.” 

Why is this the core mindset? 

Because of the compounding effect. 

In short, everyone tries to change their reality by making grandiose changes in one go, but this usually doesn’t last and they’re back at square one. 

Better approach is to focus on getting just a little bit smarter, richer, faster, wiser at the macro level and 1% better every day at your chosen craft at the micro level.

Nothing else is required.

Over time, this will lead to astronomical growth and separate your life trajectory from everyone else. 

So that’s the only mindset that is needed at the level of skills:

1% daily improvement. 

Now onto the professional level.

3) Professional Mindsets → Business Level 

Professional mindsets are the ones you embody while you’re interacting with the market. They determine how you show up, how you act, what impact you have on those around you, and how you lead yourself and your team to the top of the world.

Here are the ones you want to adopt (in order):

“I show up on time.” – My income skyrocketed when I became serious about showing up to every commitment on time. 

If I have a call at 1pm and I’m the one that’s leading the call, I will call you at 1pm on the dot (everyone in Clicks&Copy can attest to this). 

On the other hand, the same applies to commitments you make to yourself. If I have a deep work block scheduled at 7am, I’ll be at my desk ready to go at 7am. 

Showing up on time is how you start proving to yourself and everyone else that you’re serious about bending reality to your will. This is not a pipe dream. This is happening. 

“I bring the energy.” – It’s not enough to just show up and be checked out. When you show up, you want to show up with full presence and bring the energy. 

If you analyze the rainmakers in any organization, you’ll quickly notice that they are very high energy people. 

They’re constantly on, upbeat, and go through the world with a smirk on their face (happy go lucky attitude) that inevitably attracts good fortune. 

(Rule of thumb: More energy you put into the world, the more energy you get back in the way of money, luck, good fortune, magical coincidences.)

Next up:

“I focus on making the person before me feel 1% more present, rich, joyful, capable, empowered.” – Forget about yourself if you want to get rich because the market is ultimately a mirror. What you give, you get. If you want high quality clients, become a high quality client for others (be pleasant to work with, don’t annoy and haggle with service providers, pay what you owe promptly and on time). If you want money, make somebody else money. If you want to become a person of value, deliver value to others. Nothing less. Nothing more. 

This ultimately means: 

You never look into the world and wonder:

Why are some people caking it while I’m not?


You always reverse engineer what you desire and make it a point to give that to the world first. 

No waiting. 

Then you want to add the following:

“I keep my word and do what I say.” – Once you focus on giving to the market what you desire, you’re inevitably going to find yourself making commitments and promises. 

These are either going to be the building blocks of great fortune or great despair. 

Where you end up ultimately depends on how well you can keep your word and deliver on what you say. 

So make it a point to respect your word. 

If you tell a customer/client you’re going to do x, then do x promptly and swiftly. 

No excuses. 

This is how you build your reputation with the market and also your personal confidence. 

From there, you only need two more:

The second to last mindset is:

“I view every situation to be workable.” – It doesn’t matter what happens, it doesn’t matter what problem you’re faced with, it doesn’t matter how bad the cards are… 

Every situation is workable. 

There is always a next best move to be made on the chessboard of life. Your job is not to panic, but remain calm, so you can find the next best move and make it, consistently. 

And the last mindset is:

“I commit to outwork, out strategize, out improve, outlast everyone else.” – So you win the war of attrition. 

And that’s all there is to it.

In summary, here are the $1M mindsets (in order):

  • I AM, [Name] And I AM [Who You Desire To Be Stated In The Past/Present Tense] 

  • I Water ‘For’ Thoughts, I Let Go Of ‘Against’ Thoughts

  • I Get To, I Don’t Have To.

  • Everything Is Easy.   

  • It Is Done. Time Just Has To Catch Up.

  • Every Day In Every Way I Am Getting Better And Better.

  • I Show Up On Time.

  • I Bring The Energy. 

  • I Focus On Making Every Single Person I Come Across Feel 1% More Present, Rich, Joyful, Capable, Empowered.

  • I Keep My Word And Do What I Say.

  • I View Every Situation To Be Workable.

  • I Commit To Outwork, Out Strategize, Out Improve, Outlast Everyone Else For 30+ Years.

If you truly apply and embody the above mindsets, then you’ll never have money problems again.

Question now becomes… 

How Exactly Do You Build These Mindsets? 

You build personal mindsets by:

Creating and reviewing a Mindset Folder 3x daily. 

Consciously filling your brain with more “for” thoughts (wake up in the morning and positively prime yourself: I am [Name] and I am [full intention] and today was brilliantly successful for me, repeat your intentions throughout the day, affirm who you desire to be every chance you get, thank yourself for having a great day) than “against” thoughts. 

Exposing your senses to media that is in alignment with who you desire to be and removing your senses from media that keeps your current version of self intact. 

Getting rid of old clothes, playlists, possessions that have bitter memories of the past associated with them. 

Doing inner work to free yourself of old identities (that keep you thinking against thoughts and sabotaging your ability to show up on time, bring energy, keep your word, etc.). 

Doing hard things to build character like 75 Hard. 

You build practical mindsets by:

Setting aside 30-60 minutes every single day and devoting it to skill-building/getting better at your craft.

You build professional mindsets by:

Stacking proof. 

In other words, you want to take each mindset and live your life in such a way that you start accumulating and stacking proof in favor of that belief/mindset. 

If the mindset is I show up on time, then you stack proof by showing up on time to every commitment you make (both personal and professional commitments).

If the mindset is I bring the energy, then you stack proof by bringing the energy to every day.

If the mindset is I focus on making the person before me feel 1% more present, rich, joyful, capable, empowered, then you stack proof by delivering value with zero expectations (i.e. striking up a conversation with a service worker that usually gets ignored and making them laugh)

If the mindset is I keep my word and do what I say, then you stack proof by completing your daily to-do list. 

If the mindset is that every situation is workable, then you stack proof by remaining calm in the face of crisis and reacting forward.

If the mindset is that I outwork, out strategize, out improve, outlast everyone else, then you stack proof by putting in deep work daily (knocking out your daily levers), running 1-2 think sessions per week, reading 10-20 pages/day, and telling yourself: “The only thing that can stop me is death.” 

Do that and you win, period. For your experience of life is just a reflection of who you are. And when you apply the above mindsets, you change who you are.

And this in return: 

Changes everything. 

So that’s it for today’s deep dive.

Hope you enjoyed it, my friend. 

As always:

Thanks for reading (it truly means the world to me).

Your friend, 


p.s. All is mind. Change your mind to change your life. You now know what works best for me. 

Steal what resonates and see how it works for you? 

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